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I thought I'd update this thing. Slash. Yeah. It's oxygen. I read too much. Write too much. Don't post or publish enough. :nod: Yep slash. Harry Potter slash. Ron and Harry are the cutest damn couple. :nod: They are. Really. Truely.

Severus Snape. Sexy ass hooked nose man. :grin: I want to rip his pants off him... or have Lucius do it... or Draco... or Draco and Lucius together. No Weasley incest though. I'm not into that. Even I'm not that dirty and some people are just born dirty. Yep. Malfoy incest. Good stuff.

I'd say I'm high right now because I'm writing as if I was. But I'm not. Drug are bad m'kay. Cassandra Claire is a goddess. I needed to get that out. Goddess.

Oh yeah. Anyone that reads this... be prepared for Goth!Draco, Brother!Draco, and Preg!Snape stories coming. I AM a crackfic writer and certain people out there on the web have been making my head spin with these ideas. :cough cough: coy :cough: fin & arien :cough cough:

Yeah. That's all. I need to go do pimping of stories now...

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