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Hi everybody!! I'm Elisa and I'm from Concord, California

I really love reading Harry Potter fanfics!! Especially ones with Draco ^_^.The ships I sail are... Hr/D H/D G/D Hr/H.

Writing fanfiction for movies or books etc.. is difficult for me. It feels wierd for me to use other characters. I'm more comfortable writing about my own characters, so I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong.

Stories and Poems I wrote :

1. Gifted
This is my first original fic. It kinda started as an experiment actually. Just seeing how it goes... At first, when I created Lana, I didn't like her, but after i made her suffer a little I felt sorry for her, and I ended up liking her.. It's really wierd. And I want to confess that Amy gets on my nerves.. Lol... Yes I'm weird.. Leave me alone! ^^ Because of school and all, it's taking a long time updating. So sorry ^_^.

2. I Hate YOu for Loving You
It's just a small and simple poem of my irritations when a guy rejects me if I tell him I like him. I hope alot of people know what I'm talking about when you read it... If a guy doesn't want you to like him.. then why is he being so annoyingly perfect?

3.Cherished Wings

It's about finding a helpless outcast... Who used to be an angel.. Funny how much pain can change someone's looks or pride...

4.View of LIfe

A poem that came to my head from reading someone else's poem... The title really explains it all.. It's one side of how I view life... more than just everyday life.. but just cherishing it..

5. Faces of You
You know the feeling when you like a guy and all you think about is him? Yeah.. Well this is something about that.

6.Are You Happy Now?
I must admit... Not my best work. But I didn't realy edit it because I wrote this poem when I was feeling it. I usually don't put swear words in poem either but it's okay.. ^^

7. I'm Not The One
DUde, you know when a guy likes you alot but you really can't do anything about it. Because you only like him as a friend.. Yeah.. well I was struggling with that for a while.

Well, go on and read what I've got!!

Feel free to give any suggestions. And I'll try to R/R the fics you guys have written as well!

E-mail me at [email protected] ^_^ and if you have aol or aim you can chat with me! My sn is :yupkixyonji.

Also, if you like Harry Potter fanfiction, try reading my songfic "THe Rooftops" here..

okai I'm going to shut-up now...

Bai Bai
~~Lovely White~~

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