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Ramblings!! Whoohoo!!!

Okay, so uh... bio ^^ Wai~! joys! nyah, love neko-chan's ^^ *coughs* *blinks a few times* ne ne, me eccentric? okay, maybe a little. ^^ Nothing big to worry about... Well, I love all anime boys. ^^ Wai!!! *glomps Bakura* ^^ Baku-chan! Weee!!! =^-^=

Okies, I love music, Bakura, Malik, fanfics, music, drawing, art, Bakura, Yuugi (Yami too!!) music, Bakura... and um... uh... Bakura! ^^

Please don't be alarmed by my hyperness, its absolutly normal. wait... Oo Normal?! AH!! Must not be normal!!

Rosey: You need mentle help...

um... no... What's wrong with being insane? Its perfectly natural. Being weird is just my quality!

So um, Working on 'Meow Mix Review Alerts!" ^^ You gotta luv the reviews! (As you can see I have many ramblings...)

Okay, to state my point, I hate Anzu (Tea whatever) much Anzu bashing! (Yeah!) She's such a pris! Why do you think I made my fics with an OC? Hm? Get your brain to cool down, wouldn't want you to over think about this tough and difficult question now. ^^

I have a fear of Yaoi fics. (And spiders...) But I get used to them since peeps make them ALL the time... but still... *shudders* (you can ignore me if ya want)

Anywho... here the 411 on me even if ya didn't want to know, or need to know!! ^^

Name: Like I'm going to tell you that
Anime nicknames: Rasuki-chan (duh, pen name), Chibiusa (am i really that annoying?), Mihoshi (aw, how mean) Miho (wha?! that Bakura lover?! no way), Washu (i'm not THAT smart), Pixy Misa (Muahahaha!) and Misao. (that's only if i hadn't had any sugar that day!)
Age: 13
Live: Dallas, Tx
Hair Color: Brown! Whoohoo!!
Eye Color: Brown!
Teeth color: eww, you sick people!
Favorite Color: Blue, Pink is close in second
Grade: 8th. Oo and the dreaded thought of going to highschool comes upon...
Sugar Level: If it was to say 1-10, 10 being highest. it'd be a 15. ^^
Hobby: Music, Drawing, Glomping Bakura to death, Drooling over anime boys, being hyper, scaring people with my hyperness, and writting fanfics!
Best Subject: Art I. and Theater! (I'm in Highschool art, so I have bragging rights on drawings ^^)
Worst Subject: Um... anything that has to do with thinking. ^^;;;
Grades: What? Why would you want to know that? I suppose next you wanna ask my shoe size!
Shoe Size: -_-* Not funny...
Fav Music: ALL OF IT!!!!! except some slow music...
Favorite Anime: Yu-gi-oh at the moment. But I also like Tenchi Muyo, Slayers, Pretty Sammy, DBZ (many hotties!!), Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, Inu-yasha (hottie!!!!), and um... that's all I can think of at the moment...
Favorite Boy character of all: BAKURA!!!!!!!!!! WAI!!! *glomps Bakura*
Phone number: OO you stalker!!!!!
Fav Holiday: Christmas!
Pets: 1 dog named Tiger! ^^ Cute lil' Miniture schnauzer. I LUV DOGS!!!! ^^ WAI!!
Future Career: Either an artist, be in broadway, singer, Bakura's wife (wishful thinking ^^), vet, novelist, comic artist (anime), or anime artist.

I thank you for reading all this junk (funny word, junk ^^) And surprised that you have gotten this far without falling out of your chair. ^^

A poetic description on darkness. Read if you think you can handle it....
Poetry: General - Rated: K+ - English - Poetry/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 829 - Published: 12/23/2002