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I am A Nameless Traveler, of worlds you may only see in dreams.

Hi out there! I am ANT-chan. Hobbyist, writer, artist, general enthusiast of creativity. I'm also the holder of the Esteemed Golden Snail, the Slowest Writer Ever Award. Fair warning to you.

My own fantasy world of Viranus (Veer-AH-nuss) is something that's been three and a half years in planning, so it is a bit complex. Hopefully, however, I will be able to soon put my stored drawings and notes and maps onto a website somewhere, so that if I somehow do manage to gain any readers, they will not be so confused.

Oh, and as a side note. I write/will write het and femslash, though more often than not, slash - as well as some things too graphic for the underaged reader. (Hopefully. Kids just aren't what they used to be are they?) Just a friendly warning in advance.

Now that the standard disclaimer is out of the way, I will laugh at any flames/complaints of the traumatized, whiny, or homophobic.

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6/2/14 - Weekly update posted on fanworks blog.

4/24/14 - A short what-if Shadows & Seraphim drabble posted on both fandom and fanworks blogs.

4/21/14 - Weekly updated posted on fanworks blog.

4/14/14 - Weekly update posed on fanworks blog.

.: Shadows & Seraphim Series Full Summaries and Reading Order:.

1. The Meeting -

Part-time assassin, part-time bodyguard, full-time cold bastard, Sin, has been hired by the local crime lords to terminate his once-employer, Nira Azard – a well-known and powerful collector and merchant with a fortress-like mansion. Holding no ties of loyalty, Sin has no problem with this. He does, however, have a problem with his assigned partner.
Meet Draca. He’s and up-and-coming Master Thief and Spy who has never failed a job yet. He’s cocky, reckless, charming, clever, and everything that seems to grate at Sin’s nerves. Will the job be completed? Or will they kill each other first?

2. Isle of the Lost -

An older, more powerful, and only slightly wiser Draca has finally decided to travel to the infamous Isle of the Lost – and to the dark city of the Smuggler’s Haven. It is a city built, run, and inhabited by the outlaws of society. Anything from killers to trinkets can be bought in its markets. Draca hopes for adventure and death in its shadowed backstreets, an intrigue he cannot help but explore. What he finds, however, is neither adventure nor death, but an unlikely reunion with the most unexpected man imaginable.

3. Pact -

The crossing lines of fate finally meet and intertwine. Draca is asked to take on a job quite unlike anything he’s ever done before: to steal someone’s life, rather than their treasure. But Draca makes his reputation by never failing a job he’s given. It’s the final clash between assassin and thief!

4. At the End of the Day -

Partnership has finally been reached for our two favorite outlaws! But to say they're happy with the arrangement is a bit of an understatement. Can this partnership last much longer under the strain of annoyance and distrust? Or will they drive each other insane first?

5. No Telltale Heart was Left to Find -

"It made him sick, really it did." A brief interlude of first love, betrayal, and acceptance.

6. Tales of a Fallen Seraph -

A trip through the Arias Mountains goes horribly, horribly wrong! A rather nasty confrontation hits home for Sin, leaving a very confused Draca to painstakingly uncover the truth behind Sin's past. It's time to remove the shroud of mystery around our favorite assassin, no matter what the cost!

7. And So He Watches -

There are many things that people don't know about the Vampyre and the Fallen Angel. Even things they don't know about each other. So what can they do – but watch and learn?

8. The Need -

The days are blistering, the nights are freezing, and there is nothing but sand as far as the eye can see. A series of unfortunate events forces Sin and Draca through the Sanora Desert, and it quickly goes from bad to worse. Draca has miscalculated his blood supply and is on the verge of Vampyric starvation! And unfortunately, Sin is the only living being around! Couple that with a suppressed attraction flying between them, and disaster is just waiting to happen! Or... is it?

9. Of Filth, Hot Springs, and Next Times That Come too Soon -

Poor Sin... all he wanted was a bath. That's it. Was that really too much to ask for?

10. Under Lock and Key... Or Not -

They were hiding something, she knew it. A suspicious barmaid goes to investigate the cause of a distressed Gwen and gets quite a bit more than she bargained for.

11. Just a Touch of Ice -

They're not in love. They're not. They never will be. It's only sex. It will never be anything more than that. Sin knows this. He's happy with it. So, no, god damn it, he is not jealous!

12. Drastic, but Necessary -

All children have to leave the nest at some point – even if they’re no longer children. And when they finally depart, it is our loved ones that help to heal the hole left behind.

13. Reaching Souls and Joined Hands -

Intimacy is a strange thing – one that is defined differently by so many. To some, it’s the big things that are considered intimate. And yet, for others – it’s the little details that tell the tale. Things like stolen kisses, lingering caresses, or even just a simple thing like holding hands. To some, there are the true things that demonstrate intimacy.

14. The Best Laid Plans of Vampyres and Songbirds Often Lead to Sex -

A normal day for Sin is suddenly turned upside-down when his lover’s raging libido strikes… again.

15. Shadow Dragon -

"He was cold, drenched and very tired. He had neither the time nor the desire to chat with men who had been dead for over two and a half milennia." Draca thought his bad day couldn't get any worse. A birth, a tattoo, a mother's pride, and a lover's comforting touch await him.

16. Unplanned Parenthood -

"This is why we're never having kids." The boys get a lesson in parenting and experience the best birth control available: taking care of someone else's child!

.:Crimson Isles Series Full Summary and Story Order:

1. The Phoenix and the Irish Angel -

At age thirty-three, Baaltazar Patroclos was handsome, charming, reasonably wealthy, adventurous, talented... and perhaps too self-confident for his own good. How is he ever going to get out of this one? M/M Set ten years before One Moment. (2000)

2. If Not for Hope -

Private detective Tarantino Monetari has one last chance. One last chance to make this job work. If he can't make it big with this one case, he'll have to admit defeat and call it quits. But why couldn't he have chosen a simple investigation? Six years before One Moment. (2004) M/M

3. Scribbles -

An amazing little drabble written by my partner in crime, NoChristmasJokesPlz. It's her first post here on FP, and she made it a good one. :3 The story of how Kendall met the love of his life, set two years before One Moment. (2008) Preslash.

4. One Moment -

Sasha Adelais has resigned himself to the single life at an early age. He's awkward, nerdy, short, and distressingly girly. Not dating material. Or at least, no one but Aiden Patroclos has ever seemed to think so. M/M A cooperative work with NCJP. It can be found on our profile.


All art and informative scribbles can be found at my DeviantArt page!

Walk on, Traveler of Worlds.