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I still feel rather like remaining nameless and don't need any stalkers. Not that anybody'd stalk me (but for that creepy kid), but that's not the point. I'm 17 and female. I have long wavyish/curly brown hair *but wait, not anymore. I got my first haircut ever (literally) and now it's short, but still wavyish and curly* and eyes that change color to suit my mood. Most of the time they're a greenish brown. I'm exceedlingly shorter than all of my friends, (when people make up songs about it *glares in Mizu's general direction, you know it's not good) but my loverly combat boots make up a few inches. And they're real combat boots. Army Surplus is my friend. I have a fedora that I adore, wear black, and finally got my trenchcoat back! *swishes around in it* Music is my life, (I play six instruments), as is fencing. Yes, fencing. With a sword. I'm always in search of new guitar chords/songs to play. Feel free to e-mail me some!

As for the type of music: everything but pop, newer hip-hop, and most country.

Current Favorites: MUSE! I just got Absolution and it's beautiful . . . and the new Apocalyptica CD . . . and some more Yo Yo Ma . . . *is in music nirvana*.

Constant Favorites: Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Yoko Kanno, Styx, Johnny Cash, Apocalyptica, Floggin Molly, Yes, The Clash, Gary Jules, Tool/etc, Apoptygma Beserk, The Missing, Nobou Uematsu

Er, random crap you probably don't care about:

Fav. Movies at the Time: Donnie Darko, NMBC, LotR, Army of Darkness, Clue, FFVII Advent Children is coming out! Ah . . . so pretty . . . you all must go download trailers for it now. Vincent's in it! Yay!

Fav. Authors: Stephen R. Lawhead, Tolkien, Garth Nix, Edgar Allen Poe, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman (Sandman! Whoo!), Douglas Adams, Matthew Woodring Stover, Jhonen Vasquez (probably just spelled his name wrong, but I'm undedicated)

Fav. Books: All of Garth Nix, Heroes Die and Blade of Tyshalle (read them. Now.) by MWS, LotR, Discworld, HGTTG, All of Neil Gaiman, SRL's Pendragon series, Timeline, Shakespeare

Fav. Card Games: Egyptian Rat Killer/Screw/Whatever, Mao, Speed, Poker, Blackjack, Assorted gambling games, Spider Solitaire, Hearts, and I want to learn Cribbage for some reason - Hee! I just got my fourth copy of that 150 solitare games book (I keep losing them)! Idiot's Folly shall be mine!

Fav. Anime/Manga/Comic: Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sandman, Shaman King, Naruto, The Slayers, Shamanic Princess is screwed up, Ranma 1/2, Chobits, Magnetic Rose, Hellsing (Alucard!), Full Metal Panic, Vampire Hunter D (my hair looks like his . . . hmm . . .), etc., Johnny the Homicial Maniac,Squee, I Feel Sick, Lenore, Edward Gory *not really comics, but his paintings/drawings just kick so much ass*

Fav. Bad Guys + Guys in General of All Time: Vicious, Wadsworth, Legato, Caine the Longshot, Frank, Tan'elkoth, Caine, Delian, Saxophone Man from NMBC, Jack Skellington, Nny, Nailbunny, Mr. Eff,

Note: Yes, I root for the bad guys. Good wins far too often in movies.

The best sport in the world is fencing. Do not doubt the power of a short person with a sword. I'm a foilist who sometimes fences epee/saber, if any of you want to talk fencing, e-mail is a good thing. Put 'Fencing' in the subject. Summer National Qualifiers is coming up, and I should be able to make it this year . . .

Bleh. Er, a few notes on my personality might be pertinent at this
time, so:

I am cynical/sarcastic, though don't mean it unless I hate the person I'm talking to or am feeling particularly bitchy.
I have no love of anything involving the words "hug" or "cute and fluffy".
Do not touch me. You will bleed.
I will occasionally, for no apparent reason, kick you.
Randomness is fun, so don't be surprised if you hear me shout 'chicken!' or 'cheese!' or something in the middle of a sentence.
It takes a lot to get me mad, but I stay mad for a long time.
People in general tend to piss me off, but if I catch you doing one of the following, be prepared for a lot of pain: trying to touch/hug/pet me, being racist/prejudiced/anti-gay (love is love you bastards)/forcing religion or anti-religion/etc.
Do not, under any circumstances, touch my fedora unless otherwise directed by me. Your chances of having children will be substantially lowered, and you'll most likely spend a lot of time curled up on the floor.
Challenge me to a game of cards? Prepare to lose, unless I don't know the game or am having a slow reflex day.

Coming in the (possible) Near Future:

Necromantix: Tessiel is training to become a necromancer. Pity he's
afraid of dead people, eh?

Xianth's Light: The noble house of Xianth is weaking. When the last
sane son is taken, the country falls into war and turmoil - until a
forgotten child rises to his destiny . . . *dramatic music*

Pheonix Thief: This universe was born of the ashes of the old, which
was destroyed in the war between the Powers. Now ancient things are
reawakening, and the Weapons that destroyed a universe are reunited -
for good or for evil.

I Don't Believe Anymore: The last thing a child says to their imaginary

Note: Good will not always win in my stories. If you like living in
your own happy little world where the sun always shines and evil is
always defeated, then don't read my stuff. You've been warned.

Updateish Thing:

Chapter 2 of The Chicken Thing is here! . . . and I'm procrastinating ever so badly . . . ah well . . .

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