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~I'm a fountain of blood
In the shape of a girl
You're the bird on the brim
Hypnotised by the Whirl

Drink me, make me feel real
Wet your beak in the stream
Game we're playing is life
Love is a two way dream

Leave me now, return tonight
Tide will show you the way
If you forget my name
You will go astray
Like a killer whale
Trapped in a bay

I'm a path of cinders
Burning under your feet
You're the one who walks me
I'm your one way street

I'm a whisper in water
Secret for you to hear
You are the one who grows distant
When I beckon you near

Leave me now, return tonight
The tide will show you the way
If you forget my name
You will go astray
Like a killer whale
Trapped in a bay

I'm a tree that grows hearts
One for each that you take
You're the intruder hand
I'm the branch that you break~

Adam Carson, will you marry me?
Anyways, once we ARE married, we will get to work on those children...the ones named after the parts of an animal cell. You wanna know why I chose an animal cell? Because Mitochondria Carson sounds a lot better than Cell Wall Carson...granted they both sound swell...I mean as long as you have Carson on there. I think I'm just sweeter on Mitochondria...I mean, you could make all kinds of nicknames out of that. Mi, Mito, To-to, Chondria, Dria, Ria, Ri, though I think Ochondria would be my favorite. I mean, it sounds Irish. We could even put a little mark in there and spell it O'chondria. There you have it. My firstborn son, Mitochondria Cytoplastic (from cytoplasm for good measure) Carson.

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