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Recent Note(s): 04 / 25 / 04 Yeah, uh, hi. I just deleted quiet a few poems and stories from this. I didn't like them. Anyways, last day of vacation. It hurts. I don't want the constant boredom to end (pathetically enough). I wrote another story: Ruin. Lately, I've been making several attempts to write futuristic other-worldly stories where the technology is both advanced, yet barbarically simple at the same time. (ie. Hovercraft, yet no guns. They use bows and arrows.) When the main one gets done, I'll put it up. (But it will take a loooonnnnnggggg time.) ~Listening to~ "Big Eyed Fish" by DMB Anyways, go read some of Alethesea's stuff, it's good. No one can write like her. ^^ Loneliness

Anyone ever get this feeling of utter depression when there is nothing left to look forward to in the near-future? And the presence, the feeling above and behind your heart that used to always envelop you when you were sad has abandoned you, and even the voices in your head that some people don't understand, most people actually, are quiet, only peeping up to point out irrelevant and minute things that make you want to go beat your head into a wall?

Do you ever feel like the world isn't meant for you and you not for it? You could take the world on, yes, you could beat the system, sure, but you’re not supposed to. You could do almost anything, but the one thing that you should is what you can't.

Do you ever feel like the warmth that used to make you feel at home is just gone? Like the comfort of something just disappears? Like loosing any happiness that may have kept you going during the harder times?

Do you ever feel like only a rainy day could make you better? Like the rain might wash away everything and leave you cold and shivering until you're numb. And that's what you want. To feel numb. Because when you do feel you become lonely. Because that feeling above and behind your heart is gone. The feeling that you can't describe because you've forgotten how it feels. It was so long ago since you last felt that way. And you can't get it back.

Yeah, welcome to my world . . .

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PG13 for language. *shrugs* I thought the cussing made it seem angrier, though it really is self-hate. Fake scenerio, the guy I have a crush on is not getting married to someone while I sit debating whether I can feel love or not. R/R someone!
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Something I wrote in response to all the children at schools who get teased their whole lives. Written from the perspective of the tormentor.
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This is a poem about how the darkness doesn't necessarily mean evil. It can be a good thing too, becaue without the darkness, how could there be light?
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