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Author has written 4 stories for Sci-Fi, Humor, Supernatural, and Fantasy.

Go here to see pictures of my characters.

"Everyone seems normal until you get to know them."

Some things you should know before you read my stories:
1. I AM STRANGE, get over/used to it.
2. I tend to use the same character(s) over again. I'm hoping to find that one good story that will make me a millionaire, and I want to have my favorite character(s) in it. (Hey a girl can dream can't she.)
3. I use some inside jokes in my stories. If you have any questions about them just ask, but be prepared for some possible scarring for my friends and I are STRANGE.
4. My stories start out with short chapters, but they will get longer. I promise. Mostly the reason for that is because I just want to post my ideas before my readers get irate.
5. A lot of the time I re-post some chapters because I edit them and add or take out parts. So, if something is mentioned in a new chapter and you think I haven't referred to it earlier I might have edited a previous chapter and added it. So, sometimes you might have to skim over older chapters and find new added parts.
6. Sometimes I don't post anything for a story for a long time. This is due to school, homework, sleep, sports, and because I'm fucking lazy. Also working on multiple stories at once sometimes means I'll post one a lot and then stop and work on another one for a while. I work on the one that I have the most ideas in my head that need to get out before I forget them.
7. If you review my stories I'll review yours, but I warn you I review like a plague of locus. I'll read all your works and continue reading you works in progress, and then I'll read works by people that review your stories. So, don't review my stories unless you like getting lots of reviews.

Now for the rest of my bio...

Name: Joelle
Other names: XylidineGriffin, Red-Gryphon
Gender: Female
Appearance: red, straight, short hair; bluish eyes; 5'7"
Birthday: December 14th, 1987
Age: 23 (in case you can't do the math)
Zodiac Sign: fire rabbit on the Chinese zodiac and a Sagittarius on the Greek
Religion: Buddhist ('cause everyone just assumes everyone else is Christian, well I'm not!!)
Favorite animal: domestic: rabbit; wild: snow leopard; mythological: griffin
Favorite color: purple, any shade
Favorite Cartoon Character: Kurama, Heihachi, Kyuzo, Ishida
Favorite Books: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Dune
Favorite Author: Jules Verne
Top 3 fav. movies: "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, "Hot Fuzz," "The Fall," and "Interstella:5555"
Current top TV shows: Doctor Who, Primeval, Torchwood, The Tudors
School: Collin's College
Current Location: Arizona, U.S.A

I was born in Colorado and lived there between '93 and '09 Then I moved to Arizona for my second college. Before that I'd lived in Hawaii, Japan, Australia, and Guam. I've been lots of other places too, since my dad's a retired airline pilot. My favorite place is Palau, a small group of islands half way between Guam and Australia. I've had lots of pets and still have two, Siberian huskies named Maia and Jack. I'd love to work as a photographer for National Geographic. I have been skiing for eighteen years now and got invited to the national NASTAR races in Park City spring of 2003. I also figure skated for thirteen years. I did karate for four year and am a 2nd degree black belt. Other things I do off and on in my spare time and in the appropriate seasons are snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, camping, archery. I also like otaku. And I like any type of music that's not country, western, rap, jazz, or pop, that means I do like techno, Celtic, rock, alternative, soundtracks of my favorite movies and video games, and some other stuff.

What does xylidine mean?

1: Any of the six poisonous, liquid, isomeric compounds having the formula C8H11N, resembling aniline and derived from xylene. 2: A mixture of these isomeric compounds, used in making certain dyes and in organic synthesis.

What's a griffin?
A mythical monster with the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion and the head, wings, and talons of an eagle. For more info click here

Ask me some more, I dare ya.

Favorite quotes:
"Don't let your tongue cut your throat."
"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."
"If at first you don't succeed don't try skydiving."
"Due to the recent energy crisis the light at the end of the tunnel has been shut off."
There's also a really long one out of Sherlock Holmes, it's the whole first paragraph in the short story "A Case of Identity"

Story Statuses:
-Winter Solstice-discontinued
-I call it the New Earth Organization (N.E.O.)! It's going to take some time, and I'll need a beta.

I also have several other stories here, check them out too!

And if you get bored with me you can also check out my FictionPress/FanFiction buds:

Oh wow! You made it to the end of my ever-lengthening bio!

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