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Well, I'm a 18 year old girl from Pennsylvania. Blah blah

Crushed ice, cheesecake, my beautiful Dell, hilarious people,
sprinkles, Yellowcard, orchestral music, sushi (when it doesn't give me
food poisoning), understanding people, my precious baby kitty love,
collecting useless piles of nothing, making useless webpages, summer,
sunsets, nice waiters, Navy Pier in Chicago, Third Eye Blind, piccolo
and flute, Rooney, The OC, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, etc.

Dislikes: People who judge others too
much, broccoli, writing essays, any forms of math (preferably
calculus), band uniforms, alligators, dogs, urban residential areas,
school, being reminded of the past, STUPID projects, STUPID writing
assignments nearly every night for english, being stuck in a tour bus
for 20 hours with a bunch of loud annoying people.

Current Craving: I want Christmas!

to let all you guys know...if you get mad I don't update often then
understand that I'm not really having a very good year. The personal
life is crumbling. Many things have gone horribly wrong and it's all
falling apart. I try to keep a positive attitude, which is probably why
chappy four of The Silence of Roses is so funny to me...hah. I tend to
slack when I'm depressed (don't we all) so just kinda...go easy on me.
Lol. Thanks! ^_~

to anyone wondering, I've taken a little break but summer is coming, and I will soon be back and kickin' ^_^

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Drama and Music reviews
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Silence Winters is a girl whose father has died. When her mother sends her to a new school that gets stranger by the day, will she be haunted by the encounter with a boy she had before leaving? Or is there a deeper meaning to their meeting?
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