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:Alexia Goddess's Bio:

*Young woman with long blonde hair down to waist wearing short white mini skirt and blue metallic halter top walks onto stage, grinning, winking impishly at audience with sparkling emerald eyes, audition number pinned to top*

Hiya, peeps! My name is Alexia Goddess, called Cat by my friends. Want to know more about me? *everyone nods* Nice. *smirks, and snaps fingers, grinning impishly* *huge screen behind blonde glows, then stats appear in elegent script*

Age: Immortal

Height: Deceiving.

Hair: Golden blonde

Eyes: Green

Ethency: Irish, Sweedish, German, English, French

Fav things: Dragons, swords, crystals, pretty things, magic, friends, quizzes...

Fav Anime(s): Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Utena, Lodoss War

~*~*FAV STORIES*~*~* Arion
The Will of the Ring...Makura Koneko
Need...By Priscilla
Beauty's Rose...Azhuraea Fluer (if you want a good, high quality, but quick read, this is the fic you want!!!!!!!)
It's Never Over...By Moutons
La Recherche...Cat and Kate Souers

*~*~*MY FAV AUTHORS*~*~*
Makura Koneko
Azhuraea Fluer
Cat and Kate Souers

blonde waves hand and a mic appears out of thin air* *taps mike* This on? *echoes* *smirks* Good. *winks at audience* That not enough info for ya? Okay, then, I'm as blonde as blonde can get, peeps, and it shows! But don't let it be said I don't have a backbone! This blonde has BLACK roots! *smirks* I'm the highheel queen, for my ability to walk in four inch heels for hours without even noticing the half-inch blister on the top of my foot. Like any blonde, I love shopping, doing my/other peoples hair&make-up. I LOVE dragons, anything blue or silver, candles (fire...pretttyy...) personality quizzes, romance novels... But never let be said I'm a prep! Preps deserve to DIE!!!

My friends are the most important thing to me, as well as my boyfriend, whom I consider one of my best friends. And also, *eyes twinkle* as you can tell, I'm a chatter box. Unlike someone else I know... *glances down at Arion's bio*

Well, now you know me. Go get to know my partner in crime! Or at least as much as she'll let you know... Adieu, cheries!

:Arion's Bio:

*The screen flickers and as the static clears an image of a girl appears. She has dark unbound hair, layered and nearly down to her waist and piercing ebony brown eyes. She sizes you up cooly before hitting a button on her own keyboard. A text file runs up the screen*



HAIR: Dark Golden Brown.

EYES: Varies. Dark Ebony Brown as of 12/06/2002

AGE: 15.

D.O.B: March.

SIGN: Pisces.

HEIGHT: 5"7 1/2

SKIN: Tan.

HERITAGE: Western Europe. Around Russia/Ukraine Area.



The text disappears and she appears on your screen once more, watching you with the same intense look. Her lips part and she speaks with a soft accent*

This file will self destruct in 0.5 seconds. Over and Out.

The screen suddenly flickers and goes blank*






computer explodes*


Alexia stomps into dark room, sphere of magic light in hand*

THAT WAS MILITARY EQUIPMENT!!!!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH THAT COST????? ARION!!!!!!!!!!!! *storms off to find Arion.*

The brunette smirks from the shadows, then sneaks off after the blonde, .32 caliber gun in hand...*

*The room is dark once again, and the world of the Inverted Shadows is silent, save for the gentle sound of whole other worlds being woven into existence in the stories below...*