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Anything supernatural and dramatic (lots of angels/demons, vampires and that sort of thing, with a little romance or something mixed in).

My own writing
It's been a while since I've written something original, and since I've worked on anything I've started. School and work and then role-playing somewhat interfered and I had lost all interest in my writings. Recently, however, I've regained interested and a muse has visited me and inspired December's Touch. That one is the newest and the first one I've been able to complete (and I thought it was going to be My Darling Nocturne)! So, yay for that. -. Right now I'm in the process of revising it. I would have made a whole new story for the revised version, but FicPress basically doesn't allow that. So, I'm integrating the revised chapters in with the old and giving the new ones names so everyone can tell where I've revised up to so far. Any constructive criticism on either the original or the revised chapters would be greatly appreciated.

Story summaries (since those little ones don't cut it)
December's Touch (Complete)
Caresse ran away from home after being attacked and finds herself passing out in the middle of a freezing December rain. When she awakes she finds she is being carried by a very enigmatic man who introduces himself as Lio. He cleans her up, gives her a place to stay, and seems to brush over the strange bite on her wrist. She's very grateful for his kindness, but the longer she stays the more she finds herself sucked into the enigma that is him- curious about his mannerisms, his reasons for taking her in, and why he refuses to tell her anything. And when he does tell her anything his answers only lead to more questions, which he laughs at as he refuses to answer those straight too. What's Caresse to do? Lio is absolutely right when he says she's to stubborn and too morbidly curious to leave.

This is the first story I've written that's in first-person. I was experimenting with the voice and POV to see if I could get it down; the plot helped me out greatly I think. Anyway, this one is very apocalyptic. It's about a war being waged between Heaven and Hell, where Heaven gets invaded and essentially loses the battle. The whole of Heaven crashes to the earth, forcing a major shift in reality. With Heaven defeated, Lucifer and his demons rules the universe, and small gaggles of remaining humans are attempting to survive in this new environment. But it's hard, because in this new reality nothing is as it seems. Angels are mutated and hideous, looking more like what Demons should, and the Demons are beautiful, seductive, and quite enjoying feeding the souls of remaining humans.

Gavriel is a vampire. Okay. But he isn't typical. Most vampires enjoy just feeding and killing and moving on. Gavriel enjoys playing with his food to the most sadistic extent. What's a few ripped-out tracheas or crucified people? Gavriel also has something of an Oedipal complex towards his dead mother, whose ghost he is convinced he's seen ...

The Tears of Angels
This one is one whose title I really don't like but I can't think of anything better to call it. I started this in one of my more emo moods (thank God they don't happen so often anymore XD). This one's about Cael, who really does have problem, he just doesn't know how to handle them. So he resorts to cutting and making suicide threats (mostly empty suicide threats). And then there's Ailani. She's the perfect student, daughter, and sometimes sister. She gets all A's, she works hard, and as a result has no social life. Now what could be the result when she is paired up with Cael for an English project?

My Darling Nocturne
Nocturne is an angel who's fallen from Heaven for a crime she doesn't remember committing, and one she didn't understand when she could. She was supposed to go straight to Hell for what she'd done, but somehow only made it halfway there. Now she wanders Earth, confused, lost, and with no memory of who or what she is besides her name. And following closely behind are an angel and a demon, one who would kill her and one who would save her from anything. And mixed up in all of this is Zeke, a cynical 21-year-old who begrudgingly allows himself to be drawn into the whole mess.

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Very short snippet of a chapter from a story I will be writing in the future. For now, this is just a little preview scene. Girl shows up at her best friend's house and he stays with her while she deals with some pretty heavy news. Rated T to be safe.
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