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Well, consistent and inconsistent readers alike, I return one year after my seeming demise. Have you missed me? Oh, I know that you have.

My previous bio was poignantly quaint. It consisted of mumbled laughter and mockery directed towards the hardships endured during one's sophomore year of high school. Now that I am in my junior year of said educatory level, I would like to refute my previous statements with this well-seasoned and brevious adress on my junior year thus far:


That, in summation, is the depth of all that I have felt in these past weeks. Mind-numbing despair over my rapidly degenerating social life, stress squeezing in vice-like pains around my brain, insomnia trying desperately to freak out the part of my brain responsible for regulating my sanity, and college apps looming not far in the distance.

I fear that I cannot last long under these conditions. Truly, college preparatory schools suck some ass.

Anywho, as far as my stories are concerned:

Dark Lord's Devils: I'm pretty much done with this one. Though I may one day blow your minds by writing a chapter which both concludes and gives some sense of meaning to this horribly out-of-control piece of fiction, it is not likely. It's going to stay up here, though, because of archival reasons and because I have 113 reviews on that bad boy. Each one gives me an intangible thrill as an authoress, and so, though it is likely that this particular story is as stagnant as a certain war on a certain military strategy, it wil always be up there for you to peruse.

And So...: I am too tired right now to type the whole title. You will have to deal. Anywho, as you can probably tell my the large gap in updating time, this story too is on the fritz. However, this one stands a much better chance at one day being buoyed from the dead than the aforementioned almost-completed epic.

This Fic Will Change Your Life: Dare I make this outrageous claim? I gasp with reluctance even as I type these words, but I believe that this story will actually continue to undergo updates every once in a while, and, as of late, they have been quite frequent. So, don't hold your breath, but I do believe that I will actually continue to at least try to be faithful to this story.

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