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Hey I guess this is where I write about myshelf right. Soo here goes. I am a 14 year old American who's greastest ambition in life is to sit at a computer. I live and breath the internet and Toliken so most of my fan fic has to do w/ him.(or his storys) I love hockey (GO SABERS!!) I can't spell, and like the game warhammer. (Don't know what warhammer is too bad. lol) I have 2 annoying younger brothers and a cat that sits on my key board. My muse (Or lack there of) is a warg named Gingle Himmer Smith. Say hello G.H.S!
Gingle Himmer Smith : Hi. Don't Mind Songelf88 she is hyper and has had 3 jumbo pixi six, 4 cups of cappachino and it is 12:30 in the morning.
My storys are odd but my younger bro is working on one called The Lord Of The Toilets. he's only 10 so look for it, review and be nice to him. OR I will set Ginngle Himmer Smith on you.
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