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Howdy! and welcome to my maybe not so wonderfull bio.^_^

First off, all would like to thank me for makeing this all possible(with a bit of help from fiction press and ff.n of course!)

Just in case you wanted to know here are a few of my favorites.

Fav Movie: Ringu (japanese version of the ring, it is soo much scarier!)
Favorite Shows: CSI, Degrassi, Daria, and Law and Order
Favorite thing to do:Uh Write or Play in the Band I guess
Favorite book: I can't choose just 1
Favorite author: James Patterson
Favorite Store: Hot topic
Favorite Bands/Singers: Good Charolette, Linkin Park, Christina Aguilera, Sean Pual,and Pharell(I love his voice!)

Ok some miscelaneous stuff. I like to write (duh), play in my wonderfull band, read, talk to friends, talk to boys (the ones that aren't my friends), make new friends, and annoy the ones I've got.

Things I DON'T like.

Preps, pink(the colour), uh people who annoy me, friends who say I should go out with other friends (u know who u r)uh, that's about it. I'm not a vrey irratable person unless you get on my bad side (which, might I add has only been done once 'cause it takes a LOT to get on my bad side.)Oh, yea, preps, my friends, especially my bf, (j/k, but only about the friends thing.)Sterotypical/judgemental people. People who are happy when I'm not.

For anyone who cares I'm 14 with short dark brown hair w/eyes to match. I live in Oklahoma, and, contrary to popular belief, we are not ALL country hic's. That's about it, but trust me, I'm not as boring as I know I sound. I'm actually kinda psycho. You'd have to talk to me to let my *cough* briliant (not to mention almost suecidal at times)personality *cough cough* shine through.

Yay! It's summer, and I thought you all should know that I might not update as often as I should(not that I do anyway) because I will be gone for lots of it. My birthday is in the summer. Yay again! Presents.I like presents. Hmmm I think my birthday wish will be world domination. Yeah, that sounds nice. But you didn't read that cause I didn't type it, you just thought I did. Now I wonder if reading things that are not really there is a good sign.I don't thnk so but

Goddess of Darkness ^_^

Ok. For me being the goddess of darkness and all does anyone think I'm unusually happy, besides me? Well I'm usually happy anyway. I think.

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