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I've changed my penname from livingdead to funky peaches =D YAY!

Well...check out (my homepage). Its a group blog and make sure to read the entries by nat_lafferty, that's me ^^


So...yeh...finally...after a year or so, I've decided to unearth "From Two Universes" and rewrite the whole thing from scratch!

So far, I'm very pleased with the new version and ECSTATIC with the responses to it. :)

I loveee my reviewers!! They are the bestest :) huggles and kissies to all of you, and to those who havn't read/reviewed my story. DO SO! hahaha :)

Oh and even though I truly cherish every single comment that comes my way, I've given up on trying to score reviews puahaha. So noone cares about some random tenny with a hyperactive obsession with fictitious guys...oh wellers. Here's to never becoming popular! WOOO! HAHAHA.

Name: you can call me peach ^^ or nat...

Nationality: I'm not a cultured baby: Vietnamese. i.e. of the Asian mix

Age: 15 to 16-ish. Lot closer to 16 than 15 though ;) if that helps.

Living in: Sydney Surburban...AUSTRALIA!!

Currently: looking at pictures of my husband-to-be wentworth miller *drools*

Listening to: Train; Flipsyde (such a pretty intro) with bits of BB06 in the background.

I LOVE LOVE MY GIRLIE GIRLS: A.Lam, P.Nhan in particular...and LES OOOMPHS!

and this one loves her ots crew as well :)

alright...well...that's about it guys...I'll change it every now and then, but hey...please don't be alarmed by my...slightly...*obscure*...behaviour and persona...

i like smileys too.

and ctrl-b-ing...hmmm...

I changed my shortened summary for From Two Universes :nerdy smile:


From Two Universes

Chapter 5: NOW UP!

Chapter 6: NOW UP! 24/04

Rewrite of Chapter 3: 75 percent done

Rewrite of Chapter 4: 75 percent done

...seriously pooper scoopers (HAHAHA, j/ks.) go check out the new material (chapters 1 and 2 so far) it's hells above better than original sod shit.

"That pig-headed SON OF A...BITCH... is STAYING WITH US???"... was truly painful when I found out that my twin brother's best friend (my enemy) decided to stay at our place. Too bad that BIG truck didn't come any sooner to just kill me.

This is the story of Liz Kennedy, the damned klutzy unsocial crustacean she is, being hurled, unwillingly of course, into a whirlwind of...hate...and...anger...and...well that's just about it. Her idiot twin brother Matt decided that, hey, maybe it'd be a good idea, to invite her ENEMY, i.e. Jake, the guy who had called her the ice-bitch with freaky purple eyes, ever since they were six; to well...STAY WITH THEM FOR THREE MONTHS.


Liz makes ONE friend in all the three years she's been at Reese Mount High, who turns out to be a natural-sun-prozac-loving-blonde freak.And with the nerving presence of Jake (the forever dark and silent enigma he is) within her very home and at school, it's enough to check herself into a mental asylum.

Which she has, indeed, considered to be a far better option. If not, well maybe tying herself to some train tracks would suffice?

Now...if only she could actually find those damned train-tracks...

...OR...that big big truck...

Now all of you can go and be good people by reading this story of mine and REVIEWING! :)


I think this is mainly my fault, but I'm pretty sure everyone who's ever read this story has either forgotten about it or given up on trying to read it due to my indecisiveness (rewriting is a pain in the ass, I'm sorry)

So, from now on, I'm writing for me. HAHA. For my own enjoyment, where I can now finally bring to life my perfect kind of guy * Don't worry, I'll be good and update...hahaha.

I'm putting up a new story. It's called "Totally Like Expected!" I'll probably be updating once a week, coz I'm so damned fecking lazy..anyhoots. I'll give you guys the extended summary :) I'm so pissed that fictionpress gives us like NO space for a fecking summary. Liketwo bloodylines. I can't write a sufficient summary in thosetwo lines, unless you want some sod shit of a summary. bleh.

Extended Summary for Totally, Like, Expected!

Ok, so, like, we all know, the story of the hot, popular, misunderstood "wah-wah, i say" jock, falling in love with the not-so-nerdy-and-really-oh-so-sweet unpopular chick who doesn't turn out to be as ugly as everyone suspected. But have you ever heard my story? Yeh, didn't think so. The heartbreaking story of the jock's former 'evil and bitchy' girlfriend, who was perfect in everyway: tall, blonde, gorgeous, head cheerleader. Ok, so I'm getting ahead of myself. Like whatever. But this time, I'm not your au natural dumb blonde ditz who can just paint her nails and make out with guys. No! I'll show that dickwad drew and his 'soulmate' PFT. Too bad I was 'slightly inebriated' when I asked Drew's brother to become my know, just to spite that dickwad. Heh. Oh and I never really liked Isaiah all that damned much anyway. But, boy, can he kiss.

What do you guys think? I wanted to write a spin-off of my all-time favourite cliche of the jock and nerd...just from a completely different angle ;)

GO READ AND REVIEW! Please? Puahahaha. Who fecking gives a shit.

Story Status:

Chapter one: IT'S UP! HOORAH! (10/01/06)

Chapter two: 90 percent done! Eep! I'm so sorry for how long it's taking. *shame* It'll definitely be up before the end of may puahaha :) Promise!


It's called Unseen.

Extended Summary:

You shave all of your hair. You wear pink horse hair as an alternative. You're sent packing to the local under-qualified shrink. And you just so happen to be struck with one of those pointy arrows by the impatient naked cherub of love. Or it could just be the doctor's sedative. Either way you're still drug-induced and completely prone to making a fool out of yourself. Freak-turned-fool, at least. You never expected to go from being invisible to everyone but your stick of a best friend, to the girl that TWO (not one) guys are after. It couldn't be the fake pink horse hair.

Hum. Doesn't give much preview to what this story is about, eh?


Chapter One; UP! as of 22/05


Anyone feel bored? Want to make a new bosom buddy? Talk about absolutely everything and anything?

Email me! Or you know, wa can chat via msn! :) I like meeting new people. It's fun. Sometime ago, I met some *hot* guy up on the gold falling into the water, right at his way to meet someone eh?

I'll just go now...


xoxo-funky peaches ^^

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