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update! Today, Monday 16th, sent me a (pro-rated) refund for my paid membership! *^_^* Happy dance, happy dance!!!

And WyrdX3 also reports receiving a refund on their membership also. :dances for WyrdX3:

yay!!! So if you are a supporting member, don't be shy about asking for your fees back if this new policy to purge NC17 fics from the site will affect you adversely. Get your moolah back!

:happy dance, happy dance!:

Today, Sept 12th, announced they are no longer hosting fiction with adult content. On Oct 12 all NC17 fictions will be purged from

If you are a paying member of and have NC17 stories on the site or read NC17 fiction on that site, please request a return of your membership fees.

The address for

Please be polite, and ask for the return of your money. I already have.

There is an online petition for to reverse it's new policy is at:


Don't know how much good it will do, but it's already gotten over a thousand signatures in just the few hours it's been up (UPDATE, over 3000 sigs and counting!). Reading the comments is pretty refreshing.

I have been a paying/supporting member of because of it's marvelous archive that included the entire range of fanfiction, gen. het to slash and lemon to NC17. The majority of my own work on the site is hard R to NC17. With their new policy, announced just today with No Previous Warnings, I feel they solicited and taken my money under false pretenses.

Words cannot describe the shock and upset this is causing me and countless other fan authors and readers. I suggest if there are stories you are following on that are rated NC17 or even hard R, to go and download them while you can.

I will be setting up a new web page for my work soon. Right now some (though not all) of my fictions can be found in the fan fic archives of my site:


My GARGOYLES fan fictions can be found on the Gargoyles Fan Website


The adult stories require an ID and Password -- these are FREE, just go to the adult section of the site to register.


No ads. No pop-ups. No annoying e-mails. I've been a member for a year now, and it's a great place. If it only had a review section it would be perfect.