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Well, after letting this sit for years due to the fact no one ever reviews and my stuff here honestly is horrid - it was good back in what...Eighth grade when I wrote it. Anyway, to list things here that are discontinued in case I add any of my newer things -

The Black Sun and a Red Moon - Is a long, very complicated story which I barely scratched the surface. The prologue needs to be revised, the rest needs to be written, then re-written, etc etc etc. Lots of work that likely won't be done for another few years. Seriously.

The Bard, the Blade, and the Blessing - Dead. Gone. Zip zilch sippo. I'll probably end up deleting it somewhere, but that's the summary of its future. I began writing it a few years for a couple of friends - one I don't even like anymore - and it's plotless, cheesy, cheap, and entirely mary-sue fangirl centric. It is soooo gone.

Shisen Realm - O.o Ehgawd... I remember eighth grade. I remember thinking this was sooooo good. I wonder why no one shot me. It is dead. It is utterly and without a doubt deader than St. George and his damned dragon.

Buh-bye Kisses - completed awhile ago, I'm not gonna revise it cause it was just a quick drabble. Never was really important.

Prince of Freedom - It was a favorite piece of mine for a very long time and I still think for being written when it was its very very good. Unfortunantly my writing has matured past that as well, so it will stay merely as a fond memory.

A Push Too Far - Merely a what if senario from years ago.

Final Falling - If it comes back it will be completely revamped. it might not even have the same character names.

Al'Tashanee -

The Valley Girl Vs. Fairytales (A.K.A - The Valley Girl and the Fairytales that are so Five Minutes Ago, but are Making a Major Comeback.) - Thinking about it still makes me giggle, but it's badly written, it abuses things from my buffy stage, and I have better fairytale spoofs than this.

So... wow. Currently, all of my writing here is dead. If anyone reads this, in the next while you might expect 'The Duemonts' popping up here. Its a Pirate story, one I adore, so it will be written slowly and with great care.
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