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~*~About Me~*~

Name: Rachel
Where I Live: Arizona
Like it there: hmm I dunno
Would I recomend it to people to move to where I live: well I've lived in soo many places
Type of crowd I am in: A crowd who's all their own individual and don't care what people think of them because labeling is STUPID!!
Type of crowd I hate: None every crowd's pretty cool. I just don't like people who label
Birthday: July 4
Astrological Sign: Cancer

~*~About Me - Physically~*~

Gender: Female
Eye Color: Green/blue
Hair Color: Brown with blonde highlights for the summer :-)
Height: 5' baby! I hit 5' *does little happy dance*
Skinny or fat: I dunno I'm not fat and it depends on what you call skinnmy
Wear Make-Up: the occasional eyeliner and lip gloss but usually none
Shoe Size: 7 (hehe my dad has tiny feet and they're my size he can wear my shoes)


T.V Shows: TV SUCKS! It destroys your brain!!
Food: mainly Mexican and Chinese
Dessert: cheesecake MMM!
Colors: PINK!!! black is cool too but so are purple and blue
Sports: dancing and gymnastics!!
Brands of clothing: I like skater clothes and Dickies especially, but anything's cool with me.
Shoes: my pink Roxy shoes I love them!
Number: 7 and 4
Holiday: Fourth of July (patriotism, summer, and my b-day)
Season: winter
Month: December
Bands: Goo Goo Dolls, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Start Trouble, Simple Plan, Thornley, Edgewater, Three Days Grace, Lo-Pro, Sugarcult, and soo many more.
Movies: Operation Petticoat, Father Goose, Thirteen, Labyrinth, and A Fish Called Wanda.

~*~What I Look For In A Guy~*~

Eye color: why should it matter I like blue though
Hair Color: again why should it matter but I guess I'll take brown or black both great colors
Personality: treats me well, don't use me, and isn't going to show me off like a trophy and isn't going to treat me like a china doll. They just gotta care and show a little bit of feelings for me!
How They Dress: I don't really care.

~*~What I Prefer~*~

Call or Them Call Me: call me I'm afraid of parents
DVD or VCR: DVD more futuristic
Walk or Run: walk it's easier plus I skrewed up my knees running
Hold Hands or Hook Arms: hold hands with guys hook arms is what I do with my chicky friends
Slow Dance or Freak Dance: slow dance freak dancing is wrong plus I've never slow danced with a guy before
Cd or Tape: CD never listened to tapes
Sexy or Hot: haha slang is soo much fun to make fun of. Neither term is used to describe me and hot has an alternate meaning but I'd say sexy just because the word doesn't have an alternate meaning.
Radio or CD: Cd, I dont really like the radio
Car or Truck or Van: Car I don't like trucks or vans cause well I dun
Tall or short: I like tall guys. Then they can pick you up!


Do I Have a B/F: YES
If So What Is His Name: Seth
How Long Have I Been Dating My B/F: a few days
Since When Have I Liked Him: Since I met him about a month ago but I had a boyfriend then.
When Did I Start Dating Him: July 4, 2004 (MY BIRTHDAY)
When Do I Think He Started To Like Me: when he met me. He wanted to kiss me so bad but I had a boyfriend.
Do I Think We'll be together for a long time: Maybe unless I go crazy on him too.
What Do I Like Most About him: The fact he doesn't want to jump in my pants like every other guy I've met.
What Do I Think He Likes Most About me: He told me and it was my compassion for other people. No matter how much someone hurts me I'm always willing to forgive them and he thinks thats a great quality.

~*~People Around Me~*~

My Best Guy Friend: Matt/Branden/Mike/Jt
My Best Girl Friend: Tiph/Ariel/Mariah (SPORKY!)/Erin/Jenny
People That I Wish Would Die: thats mean. Wishing death on people is horrible.
Person I Love The Most: Oh God I don't know. I really haven't been able to love my new boyfriend. I just am having a bad time ask me in like a month.
Do I Make Friends Easily: Umm I guess but they're never very loyal. They're always doing crap behind my back.


"Life is like a road there are a few bumps in it, but it will straighten out in the end"-ME

"Friends are God's gift but Best Friends are God's way of taking care of uou"-ME


"Chicks before Dicks"-Caitlin

"Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened" -Nicole

"Someone Somewhere dreams of your smile and while thinking of you thinks that life is worthwhile so whenever you're lonely remeber it's true someone somehwere is thinking of you" -Anonymous

"If you're asking if I need you the answer is forever... If you're asking if I'll leave you the answer is never... If you're asking what I value the answer is you... If you're asking if I love you the answer is I do" -Anonymous

"I'm not supposed to love you I'm not supposed to care I'm not supposed to live my life wishing you were there I'm not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do but I can't help it cause I'm in love with you" -Anonymous

"Life sucks so eat all the ice-cream and get as fat as you want cause when you die you'll wish you did" -Uncle Paul

"Who wears the pants in the family?" -Chelsea

"Let's go back into the lab so the teacher can't see us" -Me

"I'm sexy like a fox" -Simon

"Get your weasel off the table" - Ms. Pioche

"Holy Oompa Loompas!" - Chelsea

"Grasp your mandrake firmly and ... pull it out!" - Harry Potter 2 Madam Sprout

"That's no way to treat a lady!" - Jessica

"Let's see I like: Greg, Beau, Carlos, Matt, Charles, Sean, Eric, Simon, Branden, and any other guy friends I have or your ex-boyfriends Rachel" - quote I imagine hearing from Tiph one day

"huh?" -Bryan

"Must find a way to ruin Branden's life" -what I imagine goes on in Lydia's head

"You have a beer tree in your backyard?" -Krystal

"HUG A BEER TREE!!" -Sporky AKA Mariah

"I have 10 stalkers isn't that like 10 too many?" -Jenny

"HI MOM!!!!" -Aaron

"Holy crap if Roberts is my mom and Aaron's my dad and Connie is Matt's mom and Aaron is Matt's dad then I made out with my half brother!!!" -Me

"My little sister is one of the hottest girls at Safford" -Matt

Sporky: Hold on let me get this straight Rachel's dating Branden but she kissed you. In front of Branden no less?
JT: Yeah he TOLD her to kiss me
Sporky: That's skrewed up!
JT: I don't think so

"Heh Heh Heh she's got nice boobs Heh" -JT

"I'm blonde ok? It means I'm not smart!" -Quinn

"JT and Matt are conspiring against my butt!" -Me

"Rachel I'm gonna grab your butt ok?" -Bryan

Hehe good times good times. Sorry about the quotes they're memories and you probably won't understand most of them but I find some of them quite funny on their own.

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