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-Hikari no miko here with the info on me!

Lets see, well first off I'm a high school student *sweatdrop* and enjoy a wide variety of different things. The world is my oyster and you pearls all just live in it! ;p

I'm sort of the odd-ball in my group of friends and prefer different things then most. For one thing I LOVE strange or interesting couplings. I also adore gender-bending mangas and enjoy using that aspect in my stories.

I'm known for my "Miki Tachikawa" series and like to write them the most. Due to some rather crude stealing that's been happening I am copyrighting the idea of "Miki" to me, even though I do not own the character he/she is derived from ^^; But the idea of him/her is mine-!! So nya =p

Favorite couples in Digimon include: *Mimato, Kenmi, Takimi, Michi, Jyora, Taiora, Takari, Kenkeru, Kouyako and any other weird pairings!

My Fave Yaoi pair is Takeru and Ken =^.^= but I do find *some* other yaoi couples very cute @.@;;

Now to review over my stories:

One shotters:

Path to Love: My BEST one-shot Romance. *Mimato*

Mukigen no Shiawase: My second one-shot Romance. *Mimato*

Finished Stories:

Don't Kiss Me!: My first Taiora!

On Going:

Dream Kiss: I'm really happy with this story and it's one of my Miki ones, where Mimi joins a hot band as a guy ^^v *No couple decided but leaning towards Mimato*

I'll take Boys over Flowers: Seems to be my most popular o_O; It was also my first and about Mimi enrolling into an all boys school. *Love Triangles*

Kiss in the Blue: A Marmalade Boy crossover and seems to be a promising story ^_^v Mimi gains a new step-brother by the name of Ishida!

Akuma Chu!: Mimi is betrayed by someone she cared for and now seeks revenge! Will she be able to pilot her way up to stardom? Or will stupid men get in her way?! *Love Triangles*

Bittersweet Candy: Mimi is a girl who wants to make her high school year her best! She wants to fall in love and has a boy who she thinks is her prince! One problem...another person already likes him! Her love rival is a boy?!

Maybe, I love you?: Yamato is a boy who lives his life as a phantom, always hiding behind a mask. What happens when a mysterious girl appears outta nowhere and asks him to kill the fake image living inside him? serious drama

Idiot's Paradise: Sequel to "Don't Kiss Me!" Taiora


Strange Dream: A darker fic about angels, reincarnation, Lucifer and demons. Lot's of Angst *Love Triangles*

Princess Knight: Another Miki! Mimi runs away from her old life and searches for her destiny! *Love Triangles*

Burn Up! Idol Star!!: A sad fic, where Mimi is dying and gets the help from two Shinigami to follow her dreams.

Gunning Down Romance: Mimi is an officer from 100 years in the future! She is sent to the past to eliminate the Mega Playboy and save the world! What's this? The Playboy is a loser?!

Renegade Dream: A Cowboy Bebop/Tenchi Muyo parody/fantasy space adventure.

Radical Dreamers: Candidate for Goddess cross.

Frontier 04:

The Lovers Card: My first Frontier, Kouji x Izumi story!

Count Down!: Another potential Kouji x Izumi fic but with a twist! When Izumi gets scouted to do a drama with her idol will she take the chance? But wait! Who are these unexpected hassles in the way of their love? *Strange Love Triangles*

On-Hold till further notice:

Girl of the Legends: (FY/Digimon) I update this as I get the time or inspiration. (On-hold)

Digital Fantasy: (FF8/Digimon) Well I was sorta dissapointed with the reviews so this one might stay on-hold for awhile.

Dream of Reality: (FF7/Digimon) This is a twist to the well loved Aerith and Cloud couple all us Mimato lovers adore.

To know whenever I update one of my fics join my Mailing List: http:///group/Fairytale_Hikari

Frontier Kozumi site: http://

-Hikari no miko