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Hello, Everyone! Welcome to the illusion within my
world, where anything can happen, aren't you
Lucky? You are the only ones I allow to see the
morbid thoughts and dreams that whirl with in my
mind, transferred in to my lovely stories. I have
been a writer for many years now, ever since I was
a young 7th grader in Jr. high. Now, I'm in my
last year wondering about the SAT's and what am I
going to do for the rest of my life, scary hun?
Anyway its been awhile and I'm sorry about that,
it gets hard and harder to sit in front of a
screen when I could be out some where else. You
can tell, because two of my stories haven't been
up dated in a long while. I don't have time
really, it being for, the most part, the last
summer before I'm kicked out in to the world.
Anyway here somethings about me you might like to

Name: Wouldn't you like to know? ^-^ Just call me
Missy and all will right with the world.

Age: 18 as of right now. Watch out Bush, I'm legal
voteing age... Muhahahah!!!

Type Of music I listen to: Rock... All forms I can
get my hands on, but for the most part, I'm an
open person. As long as it sounds great and
dosen't sound like twenty other different songs,
then I'll give it a try.

Sign: I'm a rare virgo, which means I have all the
trait, but one... although my room isn't as
bad as my best friend's- you CAN see the floor to
my room- its a bit messy. Especially when my
nephews come to visit every other day!

what I look like: Lets see... I am not a dumb
blonde, but a dinky brunette with BROWN eyes not
blue. I hate when everybody assume that all
americans look the same, when we don't. I for one
don't look like the stereo-type american, nor does
anyone I know.

My nationality/ethnicity: My nationality, if you
don't know by now is american, the land of the
free (yeah right), nothing free here... okay, maybe the little samples at the surpermarket. I
love my country, although it might seem like it,
even with all its flaws. My ethnicity is Latina,
Hispanic, or Mexican American; you pick one, they
all decribe me. Although I never set foot in
Hispania or Mexico and I'm the fifth generation to
be born here. ^-^

REALLY GOOD SITES you should vist:

- http:///
--Another great site for fanfic's

- http:///
--Great FREE online comices

- http:///
--Wonderful polls and beautifull banner art!

(More site to come!)

Forgiving/Flames:I write what I see and hear
everyday, good or bad because I don't give a damn
if you like it are not. At least most of the
time,you can't please everyone. I say what I mean
and mean what I say, which in my case get's me in
to trouble more then I would like. Although I'm
not new at this, give me a break, no flames!! I
never give flames, but I do state what I think is
true. If I DO GET ONE, I'll just laugh and think
you an idiot!

love ya lots,


I have found the best story ever, ok, maybe its
not a story... But Everone should read this before
you start writting any fic.



HIM and Ville Valo Rox!!

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