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I am a girl of 17 years, I live in England where I am currently not doing very much having dropped out of college (where I studied horses). Next year I will be back at college to flunk Art, English, Spanish and Classical Civilisations, and probably drop out after the first year. Hopefully not, actually, but you never know.

My desire is only to be myself, whatever that may be. I'm not particularly angsty. I am a big fan of reviews, though much as I love hearing how brilliant I am (I'm joking), constructive criticism is also fantastic. Better, actually. I do a little poetry, though I've not been that way inspired for some time, but my story is what I'm currently trying to do. All help with that is greatly appreciated, and all reviews will be returned (but I'm not in the business of being nice just because you want to hear compliments).

Finally, For those who want to improve your writing, I've mentioned this before and I'm telling you now again.
The above link will take you to a bunch of rants on problems with writing in the fantasy genre. This will really help you improve your writing, it will make you realise areas that you are going wrong and help you write more original, quality stories.
The author of these rants, Limyaael, is a very prolific writer with many stories and poems on (although she no longer updates her account here due to a case of plagiarism). She also has a livejournal account, /~limyaael, in which you can find many more rants.

Story Updates
2nd August
No new chapters (ch. 14 is in the works) but a revised version of chapter 13.

27th July
It has been a hella long time since my last update, for which I apologize. Especially since Ch13 is probably the most boring so far. It wraps a few things up, explains Aura's behaviour a bit, I think. I hope. Ch 14 will be more entertaining, and then things will really get rolling.

There is a lot of work to be done, particularly on Darryl's relationship with Tyrel. I am concerned about Ch11 and have been wondering for some time whether to rewrite it without the physical abuse. The reasons for my worry are that I don't want you to feel overly sorry for Darryl and I don't want Tyrel to become some awful 2D abusive baddy. So what do you think? There will still be abuse but I'm considering whether to make it more emotional rather than physical.

25th May
Okay apparently when I say that I'll upload my story 'tomorrow', it actually means in 3 days time. Just a note for future reference :)
Anyway, chapter 12 finally up. After much difficulty I am fairly pleased with it. Also edited and replaced Ch 2 because re-reading it, some bits were a bit weird. And that's it!

27th April
Hey all! Please don't give up on me. I had a bit of a story crisis this month. The old "Holy crap I'm never going to be able to do this! It's too huuuuuge!" scenario. Well yes, I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I'm NOT going to give up. And next time I will learn my lesson and write a somewhat smaller story.
Chapter 12 is almost ready for update. It's just that I'm facing a, ah, slight delay. Thing is, I'm redecorating the spare room (where I write) meaning that there is now about 5 foot of junk between the computer and me. But don't worry! I only have to put up coving, plaster some cracks and paint two walls and then everything can move back! No worries!

1st April
Has it really been so long since my last update? Well, this was a mega-update (3 chapters!!!). The thing holding me back was Chapter 9, since I'm a perfectionist and just wasn't happy. So for now I've pretty much wiped out all those unnecessary bits of (soap opera) drama and it's a lot simpler, and lot fresher.
Chapter 10 was no big deal, I guess. Finally it is the confrontation between Aharon and Darryl, so the hardest thing was again avoiding melodrama, tears, angst and bad characterisation. This is, after all, not a pantomime :D
Chapter 11... now what was that again? Oh yes, a hard beginning, I think it's worked out OK. The ending was also somewhat tricky but only needed a little rewriting (unlike Ch 9, which was extremely difficult and was actually rewritten three times, each time completely different. -The hard bit, btw, was when [cough] and [cough] go to see [cough]).
Anyway, I am pleased. Just tell me what you think: what have I got right, and what have I got wrong?
Muchas gracias.

9th March
Thrillingly, another chapter! It's not brilliant, not perfect, but I think I avoided the majority of the melodrama it was previously headed for. And everything seems still to be taking longer than I thought it would.

6th March
Whee! Another chapter. Well, actually, half a chapter. At five pages I decided that Chapter 8 was not really that near completion and was going to be a bit of a trial on everyone. So I cut it in half (more or less) and up goes another chapter. Once again it seems I have to apologize for my slackness... I'm sorry it takes so long for me to update every time.

14th February
It would seem that my last entry was a little ambitious. It should have been updated by the weekend... but instead it's finally updated today. Man, chapter 7 was a long haul, no kidding. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don't please, please let me know!
Trundles off to get up to date with reviews...

22nd January
Looking at the date it's been a hella long time since my last update. However, happily I have thought up proper titles for both this story and the conclusion: the first being The Bloody Return and the second being The Greater Power. I'm fairly pleased.
Also, I am making good progress with Ch 7 so I expect it to be up by or sometime over the weekend.
Finally, many thanks to all my reviewers, I'll be catching up with your work over the weekend :)

8th January 2004
I'm about to post chapter 6. Writing has been really good for me over the break - I don't usually update so regularly (Chapter 7 will probably be a long time coming). I'm feeling less and less confident though having not had my beta read anything since chapter 2. So I've got no idea how any of this is coming across.
Still, I figure I've never completed a proper story before (unless you count the mess from when I was 11), so this is a huge learning process for me. And just completing it will be an achievement!

5th January 2004
If you want to write good fantasy I highly recommend reading these. They'll really make you think!

1st January 2004
I'm rolling in inspiration. Something about dwarves. And I'm thinking about how long this story is going to end up being. Hella long, I think. But interesting, oh yes...
I have, by the way, completed Ch 5. It was a lot more fun than I anticipated, but it's not finished off at all well so I'm just sorting that out before I post it.

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