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26 September 02

Well... that was harrowing.

As you can see, I've taken down most all of my fics, leaving up only Reflections and The Breakthings Club. Both will be coming down shortly, and at that time I will make an announcement as to where I will be hosting my fics in the future.

I am truly, truly sorry to have done this. But if Xing doesn't want my NC-17 fics, he doesn't deserve to host any of them.

That's just the way it is.

15 September 02

The day after Xing announced the removal of all NC-17 rated fics, I changed the ratings of "Praise You" and "God Stripes" to be PG-13.

I have since deleted both stories, as I've decided that this was immature. I have also deleted "What the Sibyl Said," which was always rated "R" but was clearly NC-17 in spirit. Other stories might have explicit content, but I am confident that none achieve the level of NC-17, so these remain.

No, I do not do this for Xing. I do this so that at least some of my stories can stay up, until I decide what to do next.

Anyone who is interested in seeing the fics I have deleted, please go to http:///group/boys_inc/ . I have added these fics to the Files section, where they will remain for the foreseeable future.

Minna: I thank you all for the kind reviews you have left on the stories I've deleted. I've saved the reviews for myself, so I hope that none of you consider them wasted. Although I remain incredibly busy with work obligations, I am still very much interested in Digimon and Digimon fandom, and hope to continue knowing several of you for many years to come. Thank you all so much.

30 July 02. It should be obvious to all and sundry that I've taken a break from my stories. This is not to torture you all, but for personal reasons and work reasons. I will finish Reflections, Kinder Nation, and Lux Fiat... just not now.

Keep in touch. I'll be around.