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Hey everyone! I just started my first story, A Single Rose. Its a story about a ranger (whos a girl they should have on in the movie!) and she joins the fellowship(doesn't it aways happen?) but its not a love story about legolas and some girl. oh but she and aragorn have something in common with each other and its not both being rangers. I hope you like it.
Lord of the Rings is my big love, i might do a star wars or star trek story. or maybe a Three Musketeer story because no one does those anymore! I really love getting reviews so keep sending them!! Thanks so much!!
Silent Breeze
P.S A BIG thanks to Kiki Jones for putting me on her profile!! thanks KIKI!
p.p.s Due to the anoying remarks about my name i have changed it so it is spelled correctly. SO STOP YELLING AT ME!!!! Thank you.