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OKAY TO ALL MY FANS OUT THERE! (if i have any).

Eyes: Here's a poem that I wrote for Valentine's Day. It's a bit sappy; about how your eyes can say those speacial words! 0.0

Just Try: Rated PG-13 for sorta suggesting suicide. It's real hard to explain, so just read it and tell me what you think. It's a poem, though it doesn't really rhyme.

Writing: Rated G. Something about me and how I'm into writing . . . and it's a poem. lol! please read and be kind!

Bullets: Angst/Drama songfic with Creed's Bullets. I reccomend you download the song so you can get into the story. Its just about what jealousy can do to you, and the effect of what you do on the others who inflict the green eyed monster on.

We'd Still Be Friends: My sad poem about a fallen friendship between my former best friend and I. I was taking my sadness out on a poor Word document.


1. Romance (i don't know why but i'm caught on this)
2. Action! Beat your butt off action! Mwahahaha!
3. Fantasy! (ever since I was little I thought fantasy was too die for! wierd right?!)
4. Humor. . .who doesn't love it! LOL!!!!
That all for now!

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Catch ya l8er! ^_~

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We'd Still Be Friends reviews
Here read the story of a friendship that crossed the line of rich and (semi)poor, and how it started to grow apart till it was done. True story. A ex-friend and my story.
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