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Some people may say I am too old to be writing such things as fan fiction, but to them I say that anything that keeps your imagination going is ok. It really is a shame how quickly we lose the wild and iradescent imagination we have when we are children. Anyway, I am a 23-year-old girl origionally from California, USA, but I moved to Japan in August of 2008 to persue a career as an English Teacher. I graduated with a degree in Japanese Studies and Japanese and hope that one day I may become a translator for a Japanese publishing company. While the publishing industry is something I am drawn to, I must admit that my ideal job would be a voice actress. I am also engaged to a Japanese man who I met at my university in America and we are planning on getting married at Tokyo Disney Land in a few years (yes, long engagement and I have no problem with it( д )! ). Besides writing, translating, and reading, I am also an avid baker. Sheesh, this makes me sound really domestic...but I would have to say that I am more against traditional gender roles than I am for them.

I'll just break my interests and activities down into some simple lists (aka I am just copying and pasting from my Facebook page. HA!)

Activities:soccer coaching, cooking, exercising, teaching English, soran-bushi dancing, watching J-Drama, playing with my hamster

Interests: Teaching, education, soccer, Japanese, graphic design, karaoke, fashion, music, dance, cross-cultural exchange, photography, making teaching supplies

All of this was probably more information than you really wanted to know, but hey, it's the internet. Any messages and comments are always welcome. I have not written anything in a long time despite many ideas swiming annoyingly around in my head. I'll get to work on that...

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Unleash the Dragon : In a land where dragons used to rule the skies an evil emperor has destroyed the land and oppressed its people. A young girl with a remarkable gift and a brave warrior seek to restore the one fruitful land.

The Changing Man
This was an exercise for my Creative Writing class where we had to describe a person. I picked my dad so here is a little blurb about him.
Fiction: Biography - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 792 - Published: 5/9/2006