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Since you *might* want to know something about me...I'm fourteen, I live in Louisville, Kentucky, and love Alias! That's all, I'm not really that interesting.

Hey, just for fun...

Memorable Marshall Moments:

"Okay, you're going to Geneva to get a sample of a top-secret virus. Now, your cover is you're going in for kidney transplants. Well, now, you're probably thinking now, 'Hold on a second, Marshall! We need our kidneys!'"

"That sound that you're hearing - you know that boom? That's my mind blowing."

"Looks like a normal phone that you'd call. [puts it to his ear] Hi, you want to go out on Friday? No? Okay. That's fine."

"Now, not only do they take pictures silently and have a telephoto lens, but they're super-swank."

"I love youuu."