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Hello! Welcome to the bio-page of the Author Project, founded by Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel.

So far, these are the participating authors:
Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel (
Ril-Gania (
Elenya Aurelin (
Deutzy (
GreyLadyBast (
JediKnightBalthasar (
Eowyn of the Riddermark (
WinterRose (
Lantarmiel (
Thalia Weaver (
Millikov (
Nerys (
Endomiel (
song*breeze (
Bella Morte (
Aspiring Elf Girl (
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Aezy (
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Im A Brandybuck (
PinkMartini (
NicoleStrikesBack (
Alyssa Wood (
Pippykins (
Lady Aurian (
Ailsa Joy (
lil' odd me (

You can still join the list. All you have to do is send an email to!

The idea:
The authors get together to write a LotR-fic together, but there is no rule on what it should (not) contain. Every participating author writes a chapter following a previously written chapter by another author. You can give the story your own twist if you like (change the whole plot-line if you feel like doing that too) and create the most hilarious/scary/adventurous/romantic story you can think of. Every chapter should end in a cliffhanger, before a major decision of a (canon) character, this leaves more freedom.

For instance (my ending):
Legolas looked at the beautiful girl. She was breath-takingly gorgeous and the silvery moonlight made her pale skin seem to glow. He stepped forward and looked into her violet eyes. He let his hand run through her hair and down to her neck. He leaned in.

(someone else's start):
Legolas let his hand run down to her neck. He leaned in and whispered in her ear: "How does it feel, taking in your last breaths?" His other hand joined the first and he started choking her.

Something like that. See? You can do anything, from adding a Mary-Sue to brutally murdering her. I hope to hear from many people. Of course I'd be happy if you forwarded this to fellow authors who might be interested, the more the merrier. If the project is a succes, it could also be done for other fandoms (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Buffy etc).

Every author will be given full credit for his/her chapter and the complete list of authors can be found on the bio page of the account (here). At the end of the chapter will be said who is next, the order of authors is listed above. Make sure you don't take longer than 1,5 week, remember, there are more people involved than just you. Every author will get the email-address and password used for the account, this will make it easier to upload for everyone. I trust in people not to change the password.

That's just about it, if you want to join or have comments just tell me. Thanks!

Love, peace and a paperclip

-xxx- Elvea

Check out the Yahoo!-group for rules, most features are also accessable for non-members!