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Hey!! Someone's actually here to get to know a little bit more 'bout Maki?? Aitee... This is "Zidane's Dagger" here. ^_^* Surprise, surprise... There's not that much to say.. or is there? Anyway, just to let people who actually know me or read my lame fics (Thank you soooo much!! ^_^) know... I changed my penname to... KAMIYA KAORU!!!! Or.. maybe you already know that. @_@ Bah! Anyway!

Too bad, FF.net has this Suppport Sevice fee now... ;_; Cuz Maki's too broke to pay for the wonderful stuff it used to offer... *sniff*

Well, recently... I've taken my obsessions to Inu Yasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Final Fantasy 10. Hey, both super cool, no doubt about dat. ^.~ And two (or should I say THREE) really HOT bishounen... *licks her lips* Need I mention their names? Himura Kenshin, Inuyasha, and Tidus (dunno... his last name yet.. +)

But anyway, Maki-chan like to spend her time reading fanfics, designing my new website (which is NOT ready to be launched yet... ^_^*),playing video games, listening to music, studying.. o_O;;... playing piano and *tries* to write fics... Which is quite pitiful.. *;; She also likes to pick on her little sister, strangle "Anti-FF9ners", ramble on for hours on end about sexy bishounen, and-- Oops... getting a little off track here... ^_^*

...Oh hey!! Remember that FF9 fic I said I was gonna write?! Well!! Maki-chan is back on it!! YAY!! ^.~ I'm trying to work on it as much I can... ^_^ But don't really expect it be up anytime soon until maybe... I dunno. December... or even January??? + Hopefully. ^_^* Besides with my new computer... (YES, Leia! NEW computer!! *jumps up and down in excitment*) I'm gonna be messin' around too much downloadin' stuff, playing games, working on Kaoru.NU, and a bunch a' other shtuff... ^.~ Oh yes... don't really bother going to my site yet... ^_^* I just got it not too long ago. And if you do 'visit', you're not gonna see anything cool besides a bunch of weird looking file things... Yea, and Leia [WAS: Leia Mara Avenrose. Now whose penname is : 'HIMEKO SAKURA' *ZUTTO NA KAWAII, LEIA-CHAN!!, I'll try to email ya sometime about the whole Tidus jewelry thing [YES PEOPLE!! *TIDUS*'s NECKLACE & RING!!!] and about the hosting junk for Kaoru.NU, 'kay?? ^.~

Anyway feel free to email and/or IM meehz at aimakichan@hotmail.com OR IM meeh on AIM... S/N: KNuyuNa. ^.~ I'll be lookin' 4ward 2 talkin' to you! ^.~

Love to alla ya!! With Huggiez and Plusheez!! Ja Ne!!