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*~*E-mail me if you want a beta reader. I'll go over almost any story you want to send me, except LOTR or something I haven't read.*~*

Unfortunately, I am almost exactly like every other person that inhabits the Tamora Pierce and Redwall categorys. I am a girl, 13, and crazy. My writing tends to be descriptive, you might find out if I ever finish anything and post it. My Vane story may have romance, I'm not sure if I can work it in, I've never attempted romance before and certainly never read it, except fanfics.

Vane is the name of the main character in my Redwall story that's still in progress.(and still is, and still...)

In Progress*
The Legacy Of Vane-a story of the ferretmaid Vane. Lots of ideas taken from The Outcast Of Redwall and Taggerung.
Discarded Ways-Tamora Pierce Tortallan fic, a girl that doesn't have magic or is stunningly beautiful or anything. Scroll down and I describe her a bit more.
some vague idea about a squirrel who doesn't believe in heroes (?maybe?) my in-progress works are in order of soonest-to-be-finished first.

I'm usually found lurking in the Tamora Pierce or Redwall section. Other than that, is where I lie in wait for any poor soul attempting to talk to me.

(update)I've started a Tortall fic, the main character will be a girl (I can't write from a boy's point of view) that has plain and boring looks, is about as witty as a cow pie, and fast as an overweight noble. Sounds interesting, no? If you have a basic plot idea you wish to share and you don't mind talking to The Ferret(le Furet), I'd love you to e-mail me any ideas, especially vague Tamora Pierce plots I can use, since I've spent all my currently uninspired creativity on Redwall.

As for reviewing: My reviews are usually long and off-topic, but if I'm reviewing, I love your story. I feel compelled to read fics with good plot ideas and bad everything else, but I draw the line at reviewing them. Beg-I mean asking for reviews annoys me, everyone does it and it doesn't accomplish much, only a paltry handful more reviews and usually none of them from me.

My favs list isn't very accurate, if you find your story there it may be because I just stuck it there until I can get around to reading it. I'm always deleting and adding stories to my list.

Erm, my e-mail doesn't seem to be working now, so if my e-mail gets mad at you and sends an "address not found" sort of message back, don't give up. I REALLY want e-mails. I don't mind beg-I mean asking for e-mails, it's the review thing that really bothers me. I'm babbling so-
(assuming you're a writer) review ya later (I like to say that, does it sound stupid?)

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