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So lesse . . . hmm, what can I tell ya?

Name: (which?) name I go by is Enna Srewolf
Age: 14, though my internet identities range from 13 to 18
Occupation: writing
Hobbies: writing, reading, drawing (manga)

!!! I couldn't decide what greeting to use so I settled for exclaimation points. I'm fourteen, obsessed with L.J. Smith's books and the Labyrinth movie, I like humor, LOTR, shall I continue? I unfortunately easily get distracted by my CD player and by the TV. I have ADHD, but not real bad. @ the beginning of the school year my teacher put me next to the fish tank and I couldn't concentrate till she moved me. Na ja.

I'm depressed @ present . . . I found out that American manga artists are basically shunned *sob* which means I won't be going anyway in that field. Well, I still have my writing, and programming of a sort. If using various RPG makers counts. (It doesn't.)

I think the best way to explain myself would be to give an example of the sort of phrase that generally comes out of my mouth:
"Chibi-chan dai suki desu yo nicht!"

Two languages in one sentence. It translates roughly as, "I love my little sister very much . . . not." (I don't know how to say little sister in Japanese, so chibi-chan has to do ~.^)

Hey, who here likes those little goldfish crackers? I'm mad because I can't post my Planet Ladder fics here. My friend just lent me six mangas today. Yes. Six. You did not read that wrong. I was just kibitzing with her on the phone the other day because she got sick and had to stay out of school, and she said she got some new ones. I asked if I could borrow one that I liked, and she says, "Sure!" and brings in six the next day. The rigors of being friends with a psychopath . . . See? The longest I can stay on one subject is *counts* six sentences. I wonder if it's six angels that can dance on the head of a pin, like Dogbert says . . .

And I was gone for a while, due to lack of internet access, but now I'M BACK!!!! *laughs evilly as several lesser beings run for cover with their hands over their heads*