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It all started with a love for Pokemon and The Shining, and my good friend Christine who told me: "Stop thinking about that story and write it already!" So here I am. I'm a 19-year-old girl from New York whose obsession over Pokemon is getting more and more out of hand every day. I'm an avid Ash lover and fascinated with Pallet Town, which is obviously why most of my stories take place in Pallet. ^_^ My favorite episode is The Rivalry Revival, Pallet Town at its finest . . . that dinner scene is to die for! * I like a range of shippings -- twerpshipping, gymshipping, rocketshipping, egoshipping to name a few. I especially love my custom "parentshipping," though eldershipping is looking a bit appealing lately. (~_^)

My penname derives from a small town I visit too often called Spruceton, nestled in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY. When it was still around, I would take trips down the road to check out the Spook House, which my family named of the old, abandoned house that had blended in with the scenery for a long-standing 20 years. Dangerous but all the same awesome, I always used to investigate that old place. Never any ghosts, but it always succeeded in giving me the shivers. My bedroom in Spruceton is filled with old relics and, well . . . junk from the house. LOL I was devistated when it was bulldozed two years ago, but because of my still continuous obsession over it, I named myself Spruceton Spook. And also as you may notice, I'm a nut for horror and ghosts and all that scary stuff. Curling up in Spruceton with a Stephen King book is my idea of a good time!

I'm also a huge horse racing fan, and go to the racetrack very often. I attend the Belmont Stakes annually, so if you watch, just take a look at that huge moshpit of fans by the rail -- I'm in there somewhere! LOL Probably holding up a brightly colored sign, no doubt. Yeah, I'm a psycho at Belmont. You think I'm hyper in my reviews, you should see me there! ^^;;

If anyone's interested to see what's going on in my particularly boring life, I activated a LiveJournal! *^_^* I'm sure I can put something here...most of the time it will no doubt be complaining about school, or how my writing's going, or what fun and excitement is brewing in the horseracing world. Excited yet? Ooooh, yay... ^^;;; http:///users/jessie_kad/

Because school has started and become somewhat overbearing, postings of "Blue Heaven" may not be on a weekly basis anymore. It's hard to keep up with such a rigid schedule, so I think that for the time being I will only upload a chapter when I have finished it. Being forced to finish on time does not make writing enjoyable, so I'm going to take my time and go at it slowly. Don't worry, I'm constantly working on it, so I won't have very lengthy layoffs. I decided to continue uploading BH for all those who like it, and I hate not being here, too. I just don't think I'm capable with keeping up with the schedule. Hey, at least it's not completely on hiatus. ^_^;; I just hope I can get back into the swing of writing.

Thank you for reading my work! I appreciate it, and thank you for the support, as well! ^_^