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Joined 12-24-02, id: 314652
birthday: 02.02.1986
home: (Massenheim) Frankfurt am Main in Germany (Hessen)
hair colour: brown
eye colour: brown (I wish, I had violet eyes, like Rika...)
I'm 1m and 65cm, my hobbies are football, inline skating, writing and reading fanfiction.ah,and painting.
my favorite book is 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' (I'm reading this in English-not at school-)
my favorite films are 'The Mummy', 'The Mummy returns', 'Digimon- The Movie' and 'Harry Potter'
my favorite colour is blue.
my favorite coupling is Ryo+Rika/Ruki
my favorite digimon is Taomon
I've got a little brother, Marc, he's nice (for a brother)
and I (or my parents) have got a dog, a badger dog(uhm.I looked this up...-.-"), named Max.
anything else I've got to say? Don't think so.
Oh! Sure! like I said, I live in Germany, and I'm born here, and grown up here. I only did English at school and I'm doing so now. I have a aunt in L.A. but have never went there...
maybe someday.
my favorite words: 'muffin', 'duh!', 'whatever' (really!!), 'schon', 'yo no sé', 'aburrido'
my favorite sentence: 'Nicht wirklich...'
my favorite internet address: fanfiction.net,
my best friendS named Ricarda.
ok that's it.