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Hi. Umm... I am Drkdemon (on the net, of course. Nobody would dare to name their child drkdemon. Unless, they want to. That would seem cool, actually...) I am into anime fanfiction, though sometimes my interests waver. Sometimes?! Heck! It wavers all the time. That's why I'm so slow and my writing STINKS! ^^ Yes, that is my positive attitude towards myself.

Canon couples are cool. (Romance seems to be the usual stuff I write about. I'm not... really too proud of that. Wish I could try others...) But I am really into alternative couples. REALLY love alternative couples. Or shounen-ai.

Don't read my stuff. I always start something, yet never finish it. Mainly b/c I'm a lazy ass (Oh, yeah, this is going to be a GOOD profile.), and ah~!!!!

I just remembered. ^^ Since so many of my buddy-buddy author friends have been dedicating this widdle space to their own buddy-buddy author friends, I'll say something, too. And add in those I adore as well.

Drkdemon's Favs

Kei the Incarnadine Goddess (Have you read her stuff yet?! VERYYYY good Inu-yasha fanfic writer. And that's a lot coming from someone like me, who does not enjoy Inu/Kag as much as I used to. Still!!! You KNOW she has talent!)

aurora borealis (Her original story is good, too!! *nods head* I love her soooo much, mainly b/c aurora was one of the 1st to cherish my poorly written fics in the past. *big smile*)

Fumi Ayakoganei (AHH~~!! My D N Angel Fanfic writer hero!! I worship her stuff. ^_- And I have recently discovered that she is also an artist. *...silence...* Fumi, is there anything you CAN'T do?!)

lynnxlady (She gave me MUCH advice on one of my fanfics. For that... I'm SO GRATEFUL~~!!)

Rymsie (I think it is because of this talented girl that encouraged my small spark of Ses/Kag in the first place so long ago. It's only been recently that I started to REALLY get into it.)

Aylee the Dragon (One of my devoted readers. *sigh*... T_T Makes me so happy!!! *grins*)


Current situation on certain fanfics 2/11/03:

One Lifetime and Beyond: I was sick when I wrote the last few chapters. They're crappy, so I'm currently trying to fix them up. There will be two chapters, and then the entire long story will finally come to an end.

The Names That Bind: The chapter's done. Just need to fix it up. Too. I think that it'll reach about seventeen or eighteen chapters. I don't really know right now.

Lonely Souls: I want to finish The Names That Bind first. THEN I will continue this one. Don't worry! I won't abandon it. I love it too much. ^^ There's hopefully going to be a steady plot going on. I just need an antagonist...

A Dose of Azure: Going through a looonnnngggg writer's block. Let me finish everything else first, kays? Cuz... I can't seem to work on too much at the same time. Also, I'm having a hard time trying to pair Daisuke/Satoshi together. T_T I love them so much!! WHY IS IT SO HARD?! (Well, I wanted to make it angst, torturous, pitifully painful, a secret past... all that good stuff and then end w/ fluffiness!!! I don't mean Sesshoumaru...)

To Gain and To Lose: This will be ongoing. I will never be able to finish it.


Future Projects

1. Yu-Gi-Oh: There is this fanfic that I've been plotting out in my head. It's Yami/Bakura, even though I'm head-over-heels for Malik/Bakura. ^^ I dunno. I tend to do something like this once in a while. It'll be a llooonnnnggg while, and I might never get to putting even the first chapter up. Plot: A dangerous shadow game pulls Bakura and Yami away from their closest companians.

2. Card Captor Sakura: Because I already have too much for CCS, I don't know when this one might be coming out, too. It's currently known as Untitled. Hahaha! It's AU, which is something kinda fun for me. Eriol/Sakura, obviously, being the big big big big big big big big BIIIIGGGG fan I am of that. *grins* Plot: Sakura enters a new school in where her old, young memories belong in. More details later. After I finish The Names That Bind, that is.

3. Inu-yasha: I hate that half-demon. But I reeeaaalllyyyy want to do a fic on Sesshoumaru/Kagome, or Kouga/Kagome. It's VERY tentative, so for those rare fans of one of these couples, don't expect anything for a VERY long time. Plot: NOTHING!

Obviously, these are very unsteady because of so much that I need to finish at this current time. And with school, and fixing up sites, trying to make sites, learning new html/javascript stuff, and just good old procrastination helping me out, they won't appear until I someday... some year... some CENTURY get my stuff/head/mind/life organized. ^^ It's good.

Well, thanks for reading, if you got this far!

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