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*Me: 17, blonde & blue eyed senior at Bryan High School in Ohio (Cow Country to the extreme, believe me!)
*My job: I work at Arby's, and I despise it with all my little heart. Well, actually, I guess that can't be entirely true, otherwise I would've quit by now. But there are THOSE days... Anyway. I'm usually drive-thru girl and all-around work horse, so if you ever hear me rant about Arby's, you now know why.
*My favorites: Harry Potter! Man oh man, do I love Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings is pretty sweet too. Which is funny, because I never thought I'd like either one of those series until about two months ago, when I saw the movies. That led to me buying the books, and then the DVDs, and now I'm like, HP & LotR obsessed. I also totally love CSI, though I haven't really sat down and watched it lately.
*Little bit more me: I'm seriously a book-aholic. I read constantly, and when I'm not reading, I'm writing (that is, when I'm not at school or Arby's). I'd say 70% of all my paychecks goes to buying new books for myself.
*What I like about Harry Potter:
Characters ~ Oliver Wood (Sean Biggerstaff is a golden god!!!); Fred and George Weasley, and Percy Weasley. People don't give poor Percy enough credit, and if you watch him in the movies, he is the MASTER of cool raised eyebrow expressions.
Quidditch Postion ~ Under Oliver Wood--no, wait, that's not what I meant! ;) Seeker is most challenging, though the whole flippin' game is just cool.
Funny moment ~ In Goblet of Fire, when Charlie and Bill are in the backyard at the Burrow and are supposed to be setting up the tables, but instead they're making them crash into each other. I DIED laughing reading that! Everybody was staring at me like, "Um, what's SHE smoking...??" I thought it was funny anyway...
*And lastly, my fave food: Any fruit really, but if you want to get on my good side, buy me strawberries. If you ever chance to meet me, bring along some strawberries, and I'll love you forever.

My baby*

Fixing to Fly* ~ (Harry Potter) This sweet little fic is currently getting most of my attention, due much to my current HP fixation. It's a great story though, and fairly original (I think) from a lot of what's written. Seventh-year Gryffindor girl Darcy Reed has got a lot going for her: Quidditch team captain and Seeker, Prefect, Head Girl, lots of friend, sexy boyfriend... but there's two sides to every story. Darcy is uncomfortable with her constant popularity, uncertain about her future (though her parents already seem to have it planned--without her input) and Kotter, her boyfriend, is a control freak who's making her last year miserable. But everything about Darcy's world takes a startling twist when she meets Oliver Wood... and so fun and romance ensue! I'm sooo happy with this fic, and super proud of it.

Anyway. I've rambled on long enough. Hopefully you'll get a kick out of one or more of my stories, and if there's something you like or some way you think I might improve one, don't hesistate to review and tell me.

Yours ~ *Adele*

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