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November 05, 2002

Never mind. I can't find anything here now. It's hopeless, I say, hopeless. There's a great deal of crappy fic out there, and I'm no longer in the searching mood I was in a year ago, willing to wade through the plethora to find one single gem of goodness.

So bah.

Enough said, I believe. The fics archived here are only a few of the ones I like best. There are a bunch I've taken down since I really don't consider them at the top of my form. Try them for at taste of the old Demeter-style of writing. All archived at my personal site of course... which, I... er... haven't updated in months. ^_^

HP Beta and CC Help - http:///group/Beta_and_CC/

Ya'll can read my LJ for my various viewpoints on subjects ranging from fandoms to life in general. http:///users/demeter918/

I'm a nocturnal 18 year old American who's as fond and insanely obsessed of reading and writing as much as the next person. I'm also a fanatical fanatic about anime, anime, anime, manga, Harry Potter, slash/yaoi/yuri/het, and Godiva Chocolates.

On slash/yaoi: Don't like, don't read, don't flame, don't ask. Love is love is love. Ain't no difference whether you're a guy and a girl, two guys, or two girls, or even a 'triad'/'threesome'. Homophobic bashing will be either ignored or railed against vehemently and viciously; I'm awfully tired of hearing how 'evil' it supposedly is. Bah to religion.

Since my current obsession is with Harry Potter, I'm more then happy to tell the interested and uninterested who I love most.

Major Slytherin fan right here. Severus Snape is my absolute favorite character hands down, followed by Percy Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Remus Lupin, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Pansy Parkinson, Hermione Granger and so on and so forth. Sirius Black and Ron Weasley, I do love and all, but Sirius nearly killed Severus (and that one incident has me raging at our resident dogboy) and Ron's somewhat of a hypocritical prat. (If Draco is a git for being prejudiced against muggleborns, isn't Ron one too by being prejudiced against Slytherins?) I can go for almost any pairing as long as it's 'decently and reasonably proved'. That includes stuff from Sev/Hagrid to Fred/George to Ginny/Remus. Anything and everything.

Gundam Wing: I am a devoted Relena-fan. And yes, she has plenty of faults. *cheeky grin* The pilots should be her love slaves.

Visit my Anime and fantasy Fanfiction Archive! It's been slowed down due to my own preoccupation with the HP archive I'm working on, but I'll get back to it... eventually.

Anime and Fantasy Archive - http:///demeter918/

Flames will be served with amusement and chuckles, and then consumed with voracious need for inspiration. Because as odd as it sounds, flames better the mind, even as compliments steady the soul. And I've discovered that it takes too much energy to worry about either. So flame away!