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hey we're adrienne (salt) and christine (pepper)'s been a while since we updated this thing...okay well anyway, we're writing pokemon stories right now, but *are* thinking of writing some other stuff 2...maybe... We first started out with romance but who knew our specialty would turn out to be comedy?! Me and Salt are GYMSHIPPERS ~ Brock & Misty! Brock & Misty!! and of course ROCKETSHIPPERS ~ Jesse & James!!! *yay!* so you'll find stuff like that in our stories...but we're definatly NOT pokeshippers...sorry, but we believe the girl should look up to kiss, not down...(hehehehe no hard feelings pokeshippers! everyone has they're own opinions!!) There's also another thing you'll never find in our stories...Tracey!!! The only exception will be if we need someone to die or brutally be made fun of!!! The reason for our hatred against the sketching fag? He replaced Brock in the Orange Islands and started to develop a crush on Misty...*it's like he was ASKING to be hated..especially by GYMSHIPPERS like us!!!* Anywayz, enough about our stories and more about us!! Well we're best friends and although we go to different highschools we still find time 2 write. And of course, we both know that the sappy romance we write is just a substitute until we get REAL boyfriends... as much as we want them to be Brock and James are not real!! And how about our name?!?! Salt*N*Pepper?!!? Well that all came to be Halloween of '99. Since Adrienne, has blonde hair, and I, Christine, have dark brown hair, her mom suggested we should go to the 8th grade Halloween dance as Salt and Pepper shakers. Well we did and we ended up winnning the costume contest... Then when we were fighting over pennames that we couldn't agree on, Adrienne suggested we used Salt and Pepper, and we finally agreed. *YAY* As for the "*N*"? We're just trying to be cool...