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okay, so you wanna know stuff about me. . . well, here, let me enlighten you:

Name: Drucilla

Age: 19

Sex: (yes please) Female

Status: i live in England. (that is all you need to know about my location.) i like the hard core punk bands, such as Rammstein, Chevelle, ect. i have long blonde hair, with the bottom died a shiny black, and when you look at it in the sun, it's almost like a really shiny shade of blue. honestly, I perfer females over males. don't ask me why i am telling you this, but i feel like i have a need to tell everyone that. i live with my brother. (hey, it's better than living with your mum and dad!) it's actually pretty wicked living with him. he could care less if i am bi or not. I scared my parents shitless when i came out. that's one of the main reasons i live with my brother. i got so tired of my parents asking me why i like women instead of men. well, anywyays, i better stop writing before i start to tell you everything, from the time i first had sex, to that one time. . . . . .

Love From,