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Hello! Here is what you need to know about me: My name is Kim, I live in Canada and I am 22. Before you dive into my repertoire, please enjoy the extended summaries I've provided below. My story du jour is The Resort, so that's the one you're most likely going to see any updates on. But I like feedback for anything I write.

In the works:

The Resort is my go at a totally trashy, guilty pleasure. Call it an homage to those primetime soaps I love so much. I don't know, I guess I just felt like writing something really heavy on the drama without much thought to what would actually happen in the "real" world. So we've basically got two groups of people who live on this Hawaiian resort (I know!!): the poor (employees) and the rich (the owners and their sons and daughters). Each have their own little melodramas happening, but they intermingle. So far, we have Cassidy Fenske, 23,the new employee who's a bit naive, sweet and innocent, but has been hinting at some secret past (naturally). Damara (no last name) who's a bit bi-polar but nice enough and has befriended Cassidy. She's completely in love with her boyfriend, Charlie Bowman, a valet at the resort who's actually cheating on her with Jill Baxter, the daughter of the resort's owner, Blaine Baxter. Jill is growing to reject the life her father has provided for her and is rebelling. Her twinbrother, Jeffrey is still a bit of a mystery but he's got his own problems going with the resident "Paris Hilton", Stacey Welles, a spoiled, drunk trust fund baby who shares the top floor of the resort with Jill and Jeffrey. *Takes a deep breath* Anyways, that's the world I've created. Oh, and then there's sweet, lovable chef Andy. Let's just hope I don't have something horrible happen to him. Buwhahahaha.

Of Prince and Peasants is set in medievalish times and is about a girl who sets out to rescue her fiance who has been kidnapped. Lots of twists and turns planned... it's sort of an action/romance/twisted fairytale. I'm currently workshopping my first 8 chapters so you might see some updates when I get a weeks vacation in May.

Escaping Ellery started on a whim (and another account, heh) but has evolved into something rather cool. It's about a girl who all of a sudden has the ability to inhabit other people's bodies. It's a light piece, with a little bit of romance mixed in... kind of fun and I really like it so far. I'm slowly working on this one. I can promise updates, but not quick ones.

Currently in the works, but temporarily on hiatus is:
Sasquatch Summer

This one I like, but can't really get the juice going. We'll see how I feel later on, we might get some updates, you never know. Anyways, if you feel like a fun, summery story with quirky characters and a little bit of mystery, then give it a go. I don't want to be one of those people who are like, "Review or I'll never post again! Hahahaha!" but I suppose that if there is any renewed interest in this one, I might be inspired to write.

Completed stories:

Bowling For Nothing

Never Looking Back

Clean-up on Aisle 9

Never Looking Back is my "masterpiece." I'm pretty proud of it. It's fairly high on the teenage drama, if you're into that. Lizzie is a recent high school graduate with the biggest crush who just so happens to get her into some serious trouble at a year end party. In a moment of panic, she takes off with best friend, Tessa and her twin brother, Jake on an indeterminate road trip across Canada. Recently I've been thinking of doing a re-write on this, so if you're up to reading the entire thing, I'll gladly recieve brutally honest reviews on what works, what doesnt' and what this story is missing.

Bowling For Nothing was my NaNoWriMo for 2004. Despite what the stupid word count on Fictionpress says, I DID make the 50,000 words. It's about three 20-somethings who are trying to make something out of their lives. They move into an old, empty house with a bowling lane in the attic. There are love triangles (like every good story), lots of bowling (I'm not sure where that came from, actually. I never bowl) and sparkling conversations. Heh. Maybe not "sparkling" but there sure are a lot of conversations.

Clean-up on Aisle Nine is short and sweet. I wrote it for my friends. It's kind of a spy story set in a grocery store (I used to be a cashier). And that's all I can really say about it.

Cheers, Kim :)

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