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こんにちは! 東きさらと申します、どうぞよろしくお願いします。 自己紹介はこれから始まりますよ!

Hi! The name's Kisara, a girl hopelessly lost in Japan as far back as she can recollect. 2001. Like most people, my interest in Japan was sparked by anime and manga, and it eventually got to the point I started teaching myself the language. But, my passion for it and Japan soon went far beyond a wish to understand raw or untranslated episodes and manga scans, it became a part of me. I can speak and read the language now, and went to Japan just to prove the dream isn't as far removed from myself as I sometimes believe. hehe. It was an amazing experience! If you know a language, you really gotta use it where everyone actually understands you!

I like writing manga-style fiction, mostly from a genre one would probably call 'shoujo'. My favourite genres to write are allegory, or fantasy, and contemporary. Romance is just one natural part of my stories, like the saying 'every story is a love story'. ;)

I've been writing since 2002; my imagination never gives me rest enough to collect and write out all the ideas in my head! But, I still consider myself an amateur writer, and I have a whole lot of room to grow. I'm not constantly writing. I need to have a few days laid out before me before I sit down to write, because I know I'll go crazy and won't be able to stop. Not sleeping, forgetting to eat... haha. It's a great deal of fun, though. Most of the time I'm on a kick like that, I'm high on happiness and feel like this is what I was born to do. But then I cock an eyebrow and look reality in the eye... I just do this for fun. I can't see any of my stories ever published; for one, I'm too picky. I'll finish one, then rewrite it a year later, then keep on editing it like I'm never satisfied. That's why I try not to reread my stories, heh.

Did I mention I love manga and anime? And video games. Tales game series, which was a big help in my Japanese studies and learning kanji. I've played most of this series in Japanese. Loyal to a fault, I also have the English versions of these games. Yay! My favourite manga is SA, or Special A, by Maki Minami. It truly is a mass of disguised brilliance.

Some of my biggest writing inspiration comes from Blindside's music and lyrics. Christian Lindskog is amazing, incredible. He has a way with words that just gets inside of me. And the melodies that carry those words are sometimes unworthy, as much as I love their music.

Also concerning my stories, I'm a Christian, so that kind of sways my view on life. ;) My writing is sometimes a little over-the-top (I'm probably the only one that notices this though), but I like to attempt drawing the edges of darkness into my tales before everything is flooded with light. It won't be dark forever; things won't be crazy forever. Smut and profanity are two things you won't find in my stories.

Lastly but not leastly, thank you so much for the support and reviews I've gotten over the years. I love to reread them and remember you guys, all of whom I appreciate so much. Thank you for reading my stories!


~Story Progress~


Racing Fate ~ In the process of being reposted, the revised edition. And by revised, I mean effectually rewritten. ;)


Ame Agari ~ (This story is in the process of being rewritten, being novelized. Instead of the collection of short stories it used to be.) Before I started Ame Agari, I knew I wanted to eventually write a story about unreal devotion. A love story, perhaps. Devotion, and how strong love can become if you let it. Ame Agari became just that, except it is a story of unrequited love. This allows for an unhealthy amount of angst I think... and in Akito's case, sometimes even I feel overwhelmed by his devastating devotion. But, unlike most of my characters, he's an inspired one. I could say he's based on someone I know, because over the years Akito's character was strengthened as I got to know this person. Walking through trials and heartache together with him. And then Nakuru is a little imperfect mix of strength and weakness. She seems to have a one-track mind, and she's a pretty simple, cheerful character in the beginning. As I wrote out her character I was still unsure of her, whether she would become someone I could relate to, could respect in the end. She did. I've spent enough time in her mind to feel as though I've lived out her life personally, and even the feelings of hers connected to events I haven't experienced in my own life, still feel like they could be my own. Akito was supposed to be the 'main' character, but Nakuru seemed to quickly take over. That was probably inevitable.

When I began working out the story in 2003, it was completed in my mind in such a way that it would be difficult to write properly. Well, not completed... it took me all these years just to get to this point. Anyway, writing it strangely like this as a collection of really short stories was so much easier for me than trying to piece it together normally, and making it flow. Depends on the story, I guess, some are easier to write a certain way. Ame Agari is kind of long, but it can be explained in a few words that would probably baffle the reader. "How should I summarize it?" ...until now the question had never crossed my mind. It is about a dude and a chick and there is love and pain etc. (laughs) Like I said before, it's a story of devotion. Mismatched with angst and silliness in the mix, hehe.

The first novel of Ame Agari was completed on June 30th, 2010 making 50 chapters and over 100,000 words, though I haven't posted all of it on FP yet. The second novel, which I just call the 'college arc' for simplicity's sake, is a constantly evolving work with lots of new characters. It's already way too long... just going through it and editing is exhausting! Though still pretty fun. I'm always making changes, which makes it difficult to think about posting it in a concrete form right now, but one of these days!

Jagged Dusk ~ A side story from the perspective of one of my main characters from Racing Fate, Shigeru. I have ideas built on uncertainty about where this story has to go, if that makes any sense. The theme is darker than I'm used to writing, so I warmly welcome any feedback. (though it lightens once Miyuki is introduced... heh)

Connected Stories - Kanzaka Gakuen

Ame Agari, Racing Fate and Jagged Dusk are all connected. The characters all attend an academy called Kanzaka, and some are related by blood and make appearances throughout the three stories. I hope it's as fun to read all three as it is to write them! :D

/retired stories

Gems of the past, my collection of oldies, my archive here on FP.

Essence ~ This is my first work of fiction. The first one with chapters in which I really spent a lot of time thinking out and building it around my dreamy little world. I still can remember my future ideas for this one that I never got to, and someday I just might go back and continue it. The writing makes me cringe, however, so I'd have to rewrite the entire thing first, hehe. I fear it would become a completely different story if I did that, though. This was also my only special work of fiction that I handed in for an assignment in English class, back in middle school.

Sage of Silence Original ~ This one I really enjoyed writing, for what little time I actually did. I loved the idea, and playing with it was a lot of fun. It is a story centered on Ciara Nayren, a character from Essence, and she is probably my favourite. I have a soft spot for the dark tragedy of her past, and I definitely think this one is worthy of a continuation. Someday, maybe!

The Mystics ~ This was the second world I created, so my official second work of fantasy fiction. Looking back, it's surprising I only wrote one chapter and didn't continue it. I don't remember why; it could've been for any reason, but I'm guessing school was the culprit. This one was also planned and worked on for a while in my notes and in my head, character designs and everything. I don't think I've ever in any of my other stories changed my characters' names as much as I have in this story. (laughs) When I first named them, I was a little Japan geek that knew absolutely nothing about the language. I actually thought I'd invented the word "hikari" from the name "Hikaru". Not to mention, the name "Makeru" I thought up actually is a Japanese word and it means "to lose"! Oh dear! (laughs) Now, having seriously studied the language for about six years, I can seriously laugh at how lame I was back then. Hehe. For the record, the first names I came up with for the characters (so the ridiculous ones) are the ones used in the chapter I posted here.

The Jester Arts ~ Now this one was a fun idea. It was an action/battle story loosely based on Angelic Layer. It took place in the same universe as Essence, on the planet Amparier. I also planned on some of the characters being connected by blood between The Jester Arts and Essence/Sage of Silence and also a later romance between Sana and Tyrell, but sadly never managed to make it that far.

Vestige ~ This is my most recent, and while it's been retired on FP, it's still very much alive in my mind. The story has been given an overhaul, though. So unrecognizable I decided to completely separate this version - what the story used to be - from what it is now. New name, new face, new characters with new names... everything's so different now. And I kinda like this experiment. I probably won't post it on FP, but for the sake of explanation, that's why this version has been archived.

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