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O.K., so I finally decided to write my bio.

You probably want to know about me. Sorry, no can do, I'm in this thing called the witness protection program and i'm supposed to remain anonymous y know?? Actually as you've probably guessed that's a total lie, but hey I can still say it right?? (maybe not, sigh)

In actuality I'm just not very interesting. I'm a citizen of the United States of America (Natural Born so I could be president some day...) and I live in one of the 50 states, although which I'm not telling you because those of you who are really smart, or know me, might be able to tell from my writing, depending on how much of my accent drifts through.

Meanwhile if you have some strange desire to know about my life go ahead and check out my livejournal. Or you can look at my Fanfiction, I'm Lalaith8 over there (I have no idea why I'm 8 there and 7 here so don't ask me)

Yeah, that's it,


(8/10/06) P.P.S. Do you ever get the urge to twirl your chest hair?

(12/10/06) I thought I might add this lovely quote:


So, regarding this whole British accent everything is funny thing, are you seriously telling me that if you heard me or any other British person saying something like, "Oh, sod it, that wanker just ate the last piece of pie" or something, you'd laugh?


(cannot answer, she is laughing too much)


I swiped this with permission from Armith-Greenleaf:

"There are different types of readers:

1-The one that only reads what needed for their career

2-The one that reads everything they can get their hands on, no telling apart

3-The one who lacks time to read. The one that only reads during their career or always reads the same thing

4-The virtual one that only reads on the screen, never grabbing a book to actually read

5-The one that needs to read, it's a habit and part of their life

6-The ideal one, the one able to not only read and analyze but also create for other readers"

I'm definitely number 5. Reading isn't my anti-drug, it is my drug and I'm totally addicted.

Also on a personal note, I've recently begun to realize just how meaningful reviews are so I've begun doing it more often.

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