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Okay, I lied. I have time to fill this out more accurately.(Is that spelled right?) Anyway, I guess I could tell you brave reader a little about myself:

Hobbies: Art, Singing, Anything to do with Anime, Reading, Anything to do with horses, Ice-Skating, and... no, that's about it.

Eyes: Gray-blue band around weird yellow/green band around thick green with brown around the pupil

Hair: DARK brown

Favorite Subject: Art and History

I believe that how we are shaped is by what freinds we have, and what kind of life we lead. Single and... young. or, snoopy ppl, old enough. I'm mostly Irish, German, French Canadian,English, and who knows what else.
And I've picked up some German and Japenese! I also speak pretty fluent but basic French.

Goals: I want to major in art or culinary and want to go to University of Washington or an Art school up in Seattle.I love horses and want to go horseback riding as much as possible, and want to buy several several horses and a ranch. I also want to get a crotch-rocket, or Japanese motorcycle, and can't wait to get Highschool out of the way.

Color: green

I was born on April 27th

HI faithful (=no one)

Favorite animal: Fox, Horse, (BUG) Dragonfly, and kittys

I love reading sooo..

BOOKS!: Anything by Anne McCaffery, Classics like Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo, and just about anything I can really get my hands on

ANIME!!!: Amost anything... Mostly Inuyasha, DBGT, Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa
And i want to see almost every single thingy of anime and manga in the wold. Except for anything like Gundam... I hate gundam

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm an otaku, female and can out-valley-girl anyone.


Okay... haven't been here in Ages, but whatever. I stopped the makings of my InuYasha fanfic because I was meaning to write the actual story down, but I didn't know it so I just went off and it REALLY sucks so I'm rewriting it. And that's going to take a LONG time. School sucksright now, so bear with me. A lot of poems and stuff, but maybe a story or two that I've got jargled up in my brain will come out on here too. Well, gotta go, talk to you later, BYES!

Moriko Dragon

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This is dedicated to the Columbine students
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I got a review from my best online freind ChristyKay and I just felt like writing it. Kind'a sad, but I like it! Hopefully you will too, and this summary suks... Just read PLZ!
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You Were There reviews
A poem I wrote not too long ago. Not for real, just something I wrote after reading depressing poems and something almost everybody goes through. At least one thing anyway.
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