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Um... For unknown reasons, my story "My Dad" has been removed by . The only explanation is that it violated a guideline - I don't know which one, because I re-read the guidelines - and they didn't say in the email they sent me... anyway, I'm working on it still... If geocities will let me log in tonight (12/2/03), I'm going to try and post the story on my website (see above)

Very upset... disenheartened... etc. Actually just trying this. A bit of a departure from what I write (under a different name) on Schnoogle. We'll see if it lasts...

Oh, I'm a thirty-something female Librarian... not sure what that says about me. I write fanfic because I'm impatient waiting for OotP.

I just did a *very* rudimentary geocities homepage. For now, it's just for fun. Next spare moment I'll try to shift my appendix to the homepage instead of being the final chapter here (another idea I ripped off from 'the-dreamer')... I'm going to owe her royalties... :D