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I'm mainly into anime, being a Trigun/FY freak who also watch(ed) GW, a bit of Utena, Ayashi no Ceres and some NGE thrown in for good, philosophically insane measure. However, don't talk to me about stuff like Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon or DBZ! It isn't what I consider anime, it just isn't! *sweatdrop* One pyro-psycho-otaku Christian teen at your service. Personal Quote: "Love without hope is the brightest of all flames, for the fuel with which it burns is inextinguishable. It has no logical reason for existance, and the mind can never determine its source,thus it survives even unto death." Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but insane people have more fun! My muses are extremely abusive, and seem to enjoy bondage and watching me suffer. Erp- Vash is really scary when he's mad, and Tasuki's threatening to burn me with his tessen if I don't write for him...