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New Story - Lola

This is a new story I've been working on in my head for half a year and have been writing for the past month. I'm only one chapter in, but it's a long chapter. "Lola" is only a working title.

Thanks to...(for everything including reviews and editings) (for Emithel)

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My Stories

Lola -

updated: 6-17-07

Summary: Life is relatively easy for Lola as an Imperum's daughter. However, with it comes great responsibility and she must listen to the orders of her father and the six other traditional Imperums when they tell her to travel to the capitol for Arts Festival. There, she must convince the King and Queen to oust the kingdom of the six new Imperums who are supposedly seeking to end the reign of the King and Queen. However, both Jon and Lola become easily distracted - Jon, with love for a beautiful daughter of a new Imperum and Lola, with a strong hate a handsome, silent stranger. Soon, a war with another country blooms and things get a bit complicated.

Comments: I typically consider this one of my better stories, though not my most original. Spoken as though written by Lola, I really enjoy writing in her voice. She's very witty, although a little blunt, and very intelligent - however, her thoughts may get displaced a little bit and she inserts little comments or stories that really should have been put in pages earlier - this is why I love writing in her voice - she's fairly unpredictable.

The Worn Slippers -

updated: 2-7-06

Summary: Isabelle, fondly known as Izzy, is the twelfth of seven daughters. Unnoticibly and irresistably boring, she longs to find her place in the world. However, her sisters all overshadow her with their various amazing talents. Therefore, when Izzy sees dancing as an opportunity to distinguish herself she grabs it. She gleefully looks forward to the Snow Ball where she will be able to show off her new talent. However, when the ball is cancelled because of the Border Wars, Izzy decides to make everything happen on her own. There are, of course, certains to overcome first - a few of which involve some young men.

Comments: I'm tempted to leave out the "the". We shall see. I'm so excited about this one! I've always wanted to do a Twelve Dancing Princesses remake! How exciting! Only, I'm having a certain problem with so many sisters! Well, hopefully I tied that up well enough in the first chapter. Any comments?

The Truth About Fate

updated: 1-25-06

Summary: Mora, a tribal girl initiated into womanhood through an infamous dream ritual, now knows her fate. The wise woman confirmed it, the scribe wrote it. Now, Mora is bound to this fate a simple dream wrought. She must travel to a distant land she's never heard of and accept her fate. She must follow the footprints of the future. But does happiness lie in the way of fate? Surely, if fate is true, what decisions does one really make?


Updated: 2-15-06

Summary: Emie, an outcast in her culture, must find her missing father. He left only a short and hastily written note. She knows he means for her to find him. But the task is more difficult than she first thought. She almost doesn't even get out of town before her strange illness comes back to haunt her, she's chased by beasts called boares, and nearly drowns. Besides, Emithel isn't real. Or at least that is what everyone sais. He's just a myth, they say. But Emie is determined not to believe it.

In the meantime, a war is brewing and political leaders are taking extreme measures - measures they might just regret to the very last second of their lives.

As usual, a lot better than the summary.

Need a Good Fantasy Book to Read?

Liveship Traders Trilogy - Better than the FizChivalry Farseer trilogy, this trilogy reflects on sailing live ships and pirates and tyrants. An excellent trilogy. Writtem by Robin Hobb.

Elantris - An excellent first novel. Fantasy/ science fiction. Gods are reduced to inhuman levels of filth, producing layers of hate and disappointment that might justdevestate the country. Meanwhile, an invasion of a religious faction threatens the very livelihood of the country's normal citizens as they use the fallen Gods of Elantris as leverage to gain a higher position for their religion. A long read, but very good. I give it an A.

The Three Musketeers - bye Alexandre Dumas. I love this book and the trilogy it is involved in. If you hate the books that your English teachers make you read, you will love this trilogy! Minus some confusing french words, this book is extravagant, halarious and nail-biting. If you have taken french (or currently are taking it) you will not have a problem with the french. Those french words are basic and first year french level (like 'tres drole'). OR you could have a french-English dictionary at hand. Whatever the case, thisaction-comedy will have you reading frantically. (It's not fantasy but whatever. It's historical fiction, a genre I particularly adore.) BON APETITE.

Author's Note!!!!

READ and if you already have REVIEW! I need to know how you think everything went with any of my stories!

With love,


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