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7/22/02: Heya! You know me, totally Taito ~_^ Enigma is complete! ^_^

U n i t e d
w e s t a n d .

Right now I've got Taito doujinshis and a Pokemon one with "Mewthree" in it. The Taito Doujinshis are shounen-ai (boy x boy), just a word of caution. Doujinshis are posted up at my site ^_^ Anyhow...

I LOVE READING TAITO FICS!!!!!! Nowadays I'm having a REALLY hard time finding new fics, I read them too much ^^;; TAITO AUTHORS, GET WRITIN'!!! I especially like long angsty ones that end in sap/fluff ^^;;

ER... don't have ICQ but I have MSN instant messanger, add me to your contacts list if you want, I'll add you if I have room on my list ^^;;;;; As for AIM, I rarely go on, and when I do it's usually because I only want to contact those truly close to me ^^;;

Okay, since I hate writing down the same disclaimers over and over again... I don't own Digimon or any of its characters, unless I made some up myself, and so far I haven't done that besides the Slashtormon that appeared in my first Doujinshi... that was only one panel and it's also one of my made up POKEmon, so hehh...

On a pointless sidenote, you can find me on Megchan's Message board (If you don't know Megchan all you'll get from me is a O_o) as Splash.

All right, now for likes and dislikes!

Character Likes (using NA names): TAI, MATT, DAVIS, KEN, TAKUYA, KOUJI, All of the Tamers (Even Ruki's kewl with her bad @$$ attitude) and everyone else except...

Character dislikes (using NA names): SORA! Only because of what Toei does with her... she could've been a great character if she just STAYED AWAY FROM TAI AND YAMA!! ESPECIALLY Yama!!

Favorites: Taito!!!! Takouji!! Bits of Daiken and Jenkato ^_^ I tend to go for that goggle boy/bish boy thing. =^.^=

Thinks would make a cute couple: Takari, Taishirou, Taisuke, Yamaken (Kenato), Jyoumi, Daikeru, Mimato (I've grown a liking to Mimi because of her Japanese voice actor, and she lives in America anyhow), Michmi (Michael and Mimi), Daillace (Wallsuke, Davis and Willis in other words)

Favorite totally out of it coupling: It used to be Iora, but after some thinking, I'm risking for SoJun. Sorry, Jun, after I started liking ya after Sora came into play, I still think of her the same way as Sora...

Coupling dislikes: Taiora (Not that bad, actually, compared to...), YAMARA/SORATO, That's pretty much it...

Lost Star: It's 26 pages chock full of Taito art *evil grin* It's a Tai and Matt Doujinshi, and to be honest there isn't a clear seme/uke rating, same goes for the fics, I try to go for equality cuz I don't mind either way *super evil grin*

Lost Star: Sora-Finished. The first of the fic series of Lost Star, but not enough Taito gooeyness ;_; But still quite important to the overal story.

Lost Star: Sixth Sense-Finished. Writing that Sora thing drove me nuts even though it drove me nuts when I DIDN'T write it, so to wear it off I wrote this fluffy Taito ^_^

Lost Star: That Same Beautiful Song- Finished, 4 chapters Normally I don't like doing anti-coupling fics, but Toei's Sorato-in-the-show stuff REALLY got to me so I had to do this...

Drops of Jupiter- Finished songfic This one took too long to write, but it was worth it @_@ Takes place between 2002 and 2027, and is QUITE Taito ~_^

Confessions, the talk show!- 4 chapters completed, continuations on the way! My craziness at its peak, I suppose. The script format is probably my favorite for comedies ^_^

Taito: The Next Doujinshi!-In effect Just like the summary sez! It'll be up for a pretty long time at the rate I'm doing the Doujinshi I'm working on right now ^^;;

The Bishounen Boys- Teaser and 10 Parts complete This is MY idea! MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!!! J/k, I'm sure others have thought of this before, I just haven't seen anyone pull it off yet... ^_^ Click the text to enter the official site version of this fic, though feedback on FF.N would be MUCH loved! The official site has some profile pics which are actually the latest bits of IMO mediocre-ish artwork ^^;

Enigma Complete, 8 parts Takouji, based off episode 1-9 of Frontier ^^;

Right from the Start- Part 1 completed, I'm not even sure if I'll continue... I was pretty hooked on the "interpretations on what really happened" fics after reading Libek's " Air That You Breathe." LIBEK, GET WORKING ON THE NEXT PART! Had to get that out ^_^

Mewthree story - Wanted text parts completed... will do more if is taken well by the popularity My big 'ol Pokémon fic! ^_^