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Hi! I'm Lyd, and if for some insane reason you actually WANT to read my bio, well, I have to ask, HOW MUCH COFFEE AND SUGAR DID YOU HAVE? Anyway, I will now elaborate a little on the topic of myself.

1. Most of my stories (Yes, I know I only have one so far, but I'm hoping to shake off my current writer's block SOMETIME.) come from me eating far more carrots than could possibly be good for any person while jumping up and down. I do not drink coffee. I like the smell, but I can't stand the taste. Which is why I'm convinced I will never be a good writer. My spelling skills are also an issue.

I found most bios contain lists of things the author likes and dislikes. My lists are somewhat as follows;

-Raw fish (Or any kind, for that matter)
-Pop-up adds
-Cooked squash (*Twitch*)
-Math (Any kind)
-God-molded characters (My personal pet-peeve, which I borrowed from my friend.)
-Uploading things

-Carrots (they help the thinking process)
-Music (fuunnn...)
-Being with/chatting with friends
-Long words (Ones I can spell, preferably)
-Long books
-Good stories
-Calvin & Hobbes
- Post it notes
Hmm... I suppose I will add more stuff as time goes on. until then, Bye!

New list:

Just plain wrong things:
-Duo's English dubbed voice in Endless Waltz
-How McDonald's milkshakes never melt
-Arachibutyrophobia, the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

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