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Hello all,

I'm not one for doing the whole bio bit, but since a few of you have asked, I'll use this space to keep you up to date on what I'm working on and the order they go within the Sjadoverse. I've also been asked for a short overview of the Sjadoverse. What it is, its characteristics, that sort of thing, I guess I'll put that up as best I can.

The Sjadoverse
Basically, it’s my own little pocket universe where most of my writing takes place. It's a lot like the 'real' world, though I've changed a few things, added technology that I think should be around, changed some of the national borders, that sort of thing.

Some of you may have noticed that my stories generally take place somewhere in the USNA, the United Sectors of North America. It basically covers most of Canada and the US, except for Quebec and Labrador are now New France. Newfoundland is Avalon. Southern BC, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California are now the Pacific Union, a Val'qi'iir controlled independent state. Most of the double states, like North and South Dakota have been combined. Small things like that have been changed around and the capital is New York City, it having the largest population. I've created cities and towns, like Aqeron, but mostly keep things based in the 'real' places.

Other than geography, there's also the psioni'qi. Individuals gifted with psionic abilities and what not.
The Order of the Seraphim
The Seraphim are warriors trained by the Kuriakon and the Mixed Blessings church to fight the evils they call Shadowsouls. Seraphim psioni'qi generally fall into two categories, Mindstriders and Wraithstrikes. Mindstriders are gifted with telempathic and shroud abilities, while the Wraithstrikes are gifted with psionically enhanced physical abilities and psionkinesis. There are also a few with somewhat unique abilities.
The Elementals
The Elementals are a small group of psioni'qi warriors that have the ability to absorb and discharge energy in various forms; be it thermal, optical, kinetic, and on rare occasions, ghost energies too. Most have limited psionkinetic abilities as well.
The Bondsmen
Bondsmen have been altered by Gaudi'qi nanites to integrate and utilize Gaudi'qi or GelTek equipment or weaponry. The nanites also enhance their physical abilities and most are armed with Gaudi'qi or GelTek battle armor.
The Val'qi'iir
Val'qi'iir are basically the basis for vampyr legends. They feed on ghost energies to maintain their immortality and usually have psionkinetic and shroud abilities, though they are not limited to those. The have the ability to project psionkinetic claws on their hands and can dominate certain minds.
The Sqa'lihim
The Sqa'lihim act as a counter point to the Val'qi'iir. They have many of their gifts, but do not consume addional ghost energies. Instead they survive only on the energies given them upon their creation and generally burn out within a few years if not months.
The Sji'jadan
The Sji'jadan are armed with a psionic armor made of netherplast called a qa'sji. This armor protects them from harm and has the ability to absorb ghost energies that can be used by the sji'jadan to boost their own psioni'qi abilities. There is no actual limit to the variety of their abilities, but psionkinetic is the most common.
Wards are the law enforcers among the Val'qi'iir. They act as judge, jury, and executioner and are extremely powerful. They are armed with Ward armor, a psionic battle suit that is unique to each Ward.

Anyhoo, that's enough from me for now. Let me know if I've left something important out and please enjoy what I have to offer. As always, reviews are appreciated.

Sjadoverse Stories

Knight and Sjado: Abyss (Arthur Knight and Jimmy Tane are best friends. They've got bright futures and nothing seems to be able to stop them. Then, without warning a gathering of sji'jadan warriors arrive in their home town, bent on reclaiming an ancient technology that has been buried for millennia. Now, both must redefine their futures and fight for their very lives and the lives of those they love. - Work in Progress -)

Knight and Sjado: Darkness (A devastating battle has occurred. The cadre has been shattered. Seeking vengeance, Arthur Knight and Susan Dvorak have tracked the sji'jadan master Masq and his enforcers to the ruins of North Bay. Now they summon all their powers to launch what is supposed to be a final assault against the evil which has torn apart their lives. - Complete, but will be revised in the future -)

Seraphim Unit Baal: The Smith Assignment (He slaughtered her father. He slaughtered her teacher and lover. Now he is the target of her vengeance. Raven Evol and her team of Seraphim warriors are sent to stop the psioni'qi android Aaron Smith and bring a halt to his war against the Seraphim. It seemed simple enough, but there are other powers lurking nearby. Powers that could destroy them all. - Work in progress -)

Seraphim Unit Odin: The Mark of Darkness (Part One of The Rediscovery Trilogy. Arthur Knight made a promise to Ashley Grey's father. He was to find her and protect her from those who would use her for their own personal gains. Little did he know at the time that she is the heir to an ancient power that could tip the balance in the war against the sji'jadan. Now Arthur and his team of Seraphim warriors must go head to head with the House of Sathra in a fight for Ashley Grey's future. - Work in progress -)

Other Stories

Letters to the Void (This is an experiment in writing. I've never written anything like this before and was curious if I could. Let me know what you think. - Complete -)


Work takes up a lot of my time, but I'll try to keep the updates coming, so keep checking back. Thanks to everyone who's either reviewed or sent me an email. I appreciate it.

- Jai Hewton (formerly Sathanas)

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