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You want a profile? Well.. You asked for it.

Pen name: Umi Sagara/Emrys Xerotopos
Real name: .. Let's see if you can guess it/figure it out.
Birthday: May 26, 1990
Age: Only those who are able to subtract are allowed to know my age.
Grade: High School Graduate
Addiction: Detective stuff (i.e. Detective Conan, Detective academy Q, Sherlock Holmes, etc.), video games
Pets: One (named Iris. D: If not for the pet deposit fee here, she'd be here right now...)
favorite kind of music: almost anything
hobbies: sketching, video games, reading, computer, writing
Location: Louisiana
Work: Hastings. D

Stories and their actual "according to me" summaries:

Xyurile: Lilith- Okay, all you really need to know is that she's a vampire, since it starts out in the human world. Her physical form changes when she drinks the blood of humans, and her bat, Issac, is afraid of heights. :3 The rest should be a mystery.
+Chapters: Prologue, chapters 1-3, working on the 4th
+Last Updated: September 17, 2010

Upcoming stories (note: names are not definite. shudder)

Protectors- This story is another fictional/fantasy story. It would actually make a better video game than a story. (grr.. They are trying too hard with graphics nowadays and too little with the storylines.) Well, it's a typical story about how the strongest protector is the lowest rank and how she uses her power to make a mini-her and then lets her powers regenerate for awhile. When they are good as new, she goes off to earth and splits her power. Half on earth, half probably in some other galaxy. Now, almost twenty years later, what Protector Anshin feared has come true, and the only ones left to stand up to Deran are whoever has half of Anshin's power, and whoever has the other half.

Friendship- Yet another fictional story. I came up with this one when I was out of the country and very lonely. I missed my friends. Well, a young girl is in an unstable environment. Her parents are divorced, and they are constantly moving. She has developed a real-world mind, and doesn't believe in imaginary friends. However, she doesn't have any real friends either, because she is constantly moving. After moving and visiting an old park, there are two people who tell her she is "the one." The girl rolls her eyes and doesn't care, until a water spirit pays her a visit...

Robotical space- This one takes place in space. A young girl, no one knows is a robot, tries to discover why she was sent to space.. I uh.. Haven't given this one much thought past the robots and space thing...

Imaginary- This story takes place in and out of reality. The main character is a grown woman with the mentality of a child. She sees the broken world through different eyes, and controls serious amounts of magic. Her mother-like guardian, Soose, tries to protect her from the horrors of reality, and in doing so, tries to protect the world from her child's strong emotional magic.

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