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06.11.2006: Can't believe my page still exists after an entire year O_o... So strange ;\. I still write poetry and I still do things and I'm still being majorly died, but I'm doing all this through college now :p. I'm going to a concert in a few days, and I'm hoping it's fun \.

20.03.2005: Wow, long time no visit this site X_x. Why yes, dead is still me. And Dir en grey has started to suck a lot lately too _ /. My word, "Vulgar" was just really badly done with only about one good song. The two singles they put out after "Vulgar" had given me hope that maybe, they just needed a lapse to beat out a great album... But yeah, "Withering to death" came out not too long ago and it sucked arse. Not as much as "Vulgar" did, but still O_O/. Kyo's voice isn't as strong anymore and one hand it's his own bloody fault for smoking so many ciggies. I'm holding my heart for when this happens to Hayato's voice since last I heard he was a smoker too _ ;. And somehow, I think they all wished they had saved "Gauze" for much later... u_u.

On a brighter note, Duel Jewel has matured and they've become better and better :D. Plastic Tree is kinda... o_o... I dunno really, I didn't hate their latest album, but it didn't blow me away either o_o. It was just standard Plastic Tree stuff with some techy effects added to it. And yeah, Malice Mizer is still disbanded -o-/.

11.06.2004: Indeed, still dead! 9th was my bday, not many people noticed, but I don't mind it that much. Need to try to get a new poem or something out :/...
19.04.2004: Yep, still dead, not that anyone cares though... ._. Experiencing bad case of artist's block too. Oh, woo is me :p

20.07.2003: I changed my penname, sorry people, but I got bored of my last name, Chas. I wanted to get another name, so this be it (How I got it is a long story... If you ever feel bored and can spare the time, mail me and I might give you the full story). And if you don't like it... Oh well, can't make everybody happy...

Do people need bio's? I haven't touched that dustcollecting box labelled 'life' since I died okay? If there really is a reason why you'd need my bio, just mail.
BTW: I'm dead, so please don't disturb me while I play "Hide the dead person in the coffin".

Oh, just a thought. Reviewing something really does not take much time. You do not want to know how happy you can make someone with the words: "I liked it"
Of course, when you absolutely hate the author's work, then you should write down what is wrong with it, 'cause else, how can one better one self?

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"Allow me to introduce myselves..."

Listens too much to:
Dir en Grey (Kyo's voice, I like! May sound weird the first time you hear it though...)
Malice Mizer (they broke up... that's so bah...)
Duel Jewel (Hayato has a very pretty voice)
Plastic Tree (Ryutaro has a pretty voice as well! XD)

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It's what the title says
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