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Hey there!!! Some of you may know me from, but I decided to try and write my own fanfics.

I am crazy for Japanese anime, especially Ayashi no Ceres, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, and .hack//sign. I love writing and reading Inuyasha fics, along with reading Rurouni Kenshin ones. Roleplaying is also something I enjoy doing.. hehe, like my addiction ^^;

Okie dokie, right now, I would like to take a second to introduce a very good writer... *drum roll* Cha, cha! Here she is, Ravage!! *a lot of applause*

Toya: This here girl happens to be a very good writer, trust me, I know.. ^^ She's also a good friend of Kitty's.
Kitty: Yes she is! I love her stories, which by the way you NEED and WILL check out..
Toya: Very demanding..
Kitty: ^^;; Anyway, they're called:
Yasha Hybrid
Through the Eyes of a Blind Killer
They're AWESOME and I highly reccommend that you read them. Plus, Ravage is a very good friend of mine, so I know her well... READ her awesome stories.. ^_^
Toya: -_- And there she goes again...
Kitty: Eh?
Toya: That's all for now folks! Until we get more info, stay tuned to this bio thingy and we'll keep you updated. Until then, ja ne!
Kitty: That's my line... .
Toya: Well, you didn't say it in time...
Kitty: I wish I could 'Sit' you...
Toya: Argh! *crash*
Kitty: OO
Toya: -_-
Kitty: ^_^ hehehehehehe... I forgot about that rosary we got from Ravage...
Toya: o_O;;;
Kitty: *deep breath*
Toya: If you never hear from me again.. you'll know why... MAY-DAY! MAY-DAY!!!
Kitty: Si- I'm not that mean... Ja ne!
Toya: OO; ...b-b-b-b-bye...

(my nickname is KittyBell, don't ask...)

InuYasha Moon

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